Get to Know a Gray: Charlotte

[AN: Numbers are out of order because they represent specific questions asked on my tumblr]


  1. What is your character’s biggest fear?

Being forgotten. She wants to be loved, more than anything. She will never admit it, in fact she’ll tell you that she doesn’t care about what others think. But, she does. She’s afraid that one day she’ll wake up and no one will care about her, she’ll be irrelevant, and alone.

  1.  What is your character’s favorite memory?

Lessons with her dad. Seriously, I know! What child doesn’t hate school? But, after she turned into a teen and stopped learning with Altiere, she appreciated the extra time spent with her dad (who is always busy, sometimes even too busy). Before he took on Zander and Silas, lessons were a real party ;D

  1. What is your character’s least favorite memory?

Lessons with Altiere. He always made her feel worthless, and has contributed immensely to her insecurities.

  1. Does anyone have a crush on your character? Is your character aware of this?

Actually, yeah. Two people do. Not including Jeff (yet, at least!) Zander cares immensely for Charlotte and has loved her from the very beginning, but she only sees him as her best friend. Then, there’s Blaze, who we’ll meet later. He loves her carefree attitude, and wants nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with her. We’ll see how that turns out.

  1. Would your character ever kill someone?

Without hesitation. She’s a vampire, trained to attack those who put her or someone she cares about in danger.

  1. What would your character die for?

Her little sisters, and her fathers. Oh, and her best friends Zander and Silas. If push comes to shove and she can’t find her way out of a situation, she will sacrifice herself and feel no hesitation or remorse about it. You gotta do what you gotta do sometimes. Right?

  1. What other fictional characters remind you of your character?

Oooh, this is a good question! Charlotte is a bad ass, strong, independent female. There isn’t a single character I had in mind when I made her. (In fact, I think I can only pinpoint one or two of my characters as based off of others). She does remind me a little of Ashley from Mass Effect, now that I think of it, but that wasn’t intentional at all, because I played ME after Charlotte’s character was born. But there are some striking similarities.

  1. What is your character’s deepest, darkest secret?

Read my legacy to find out ;D

  1. What prejudices does your character have?
    None. Her dad has spent too much time teaching her to be accepting of ALL species. Being on the bad end of that spectrum, she would never judge another person/supernatural.
  2. Does anyone want to harm your character?

Mason, right off the bat, because she’s a Gray. I won’t count out Damien, Altiere or even Angel. Are there others? Probably, but keep reading to find out who >;D

  1. Do people have justified grudges against your character?

Charlotte can be a real bitch, so yeah. People just plain out don’t like her. And it isn’t because of her half vampire status, that’s only something that Altiere cares about. As you saw in the last chapter, she lets her temper get the better of her more than she should.

  1. What is your character insecure about?

She’s a halfbreed vampire. Centuries ago, vampires mixed with humans, and the results were weaker variations of vampires. The purebred vampires are small in number and Altiere (being one of them) holds them to the highest degree. He’s made it clear to Charlotte how worthless she is, and while it’s only a standard he holds her at, she can’t help but believe the negative words.

  1. What would your character change about themselves?

She’d be a witch like her sisters, Millie and Astra. She doesn’t want to be part of this whole “vampire rebellion” that her people are planning, and she hates Altiere’s alternative even more. When she’s feeling even more fed up, she wishes she was human and living away from Moonlight Falls.

  1. What is your favorite thing about your character?

Her “I don’t give a fuck” attitude. At least, in theory. She’s very complex, and cares more than you know, but at the same time, she really is bad ass, and one of the few female characters I’ve created who is probably going to save herself. I’m really thrilled about her ^_^

4.What’s their earliest memory?

Charlotte remembers crying and an outstretched hand. She was still a small child, she had fallen and scraped her knee. But, the hand wasn’t for her. It was for her sister, Adeline, and it was Altiere outstretching it. (This was when Altiere had first kidnapped the girls. Declan didn’t find them until years later).

10.What’s their favorite smell?

She loves the smell of the outdoors, but being a vampire, she can’t do as much as others. She can stay out longer than Adeline can in the sun, but it still irritates her. Maybe it’s because she never experiences it, that she loves it so much.

  1. What kind of music do they listen to?

Despite her outfit, she doesn’t listen to screamo rock music. She’s really fond of ballads, and slow songs. They calm her down.

  1. What’s their favorite feature about themselves?

She’s full of herself, so she loves the way she looks. She’s got some self esteem issues about her personality though, which you’ll find out about later in her story :/

24.What is their reaction to a huge, nasty spider in the bathroom?

Charlotte doesn’t scare easily. She’d just squish the bug.

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