Get to Know a Gray: Ethan Nair and Millie

Ethan Nair:


  1. Does your character have any noteworthy features?

His eyes. You can’t see it in this picture, but his eyes are a bluish/pinkish. It’s common only in Nairs, so no one other than those of his lineage have it. The Nairs are a powerful group of mages in Moonlight Falls. No one knows what the power of those eyes are, if they even had any significant powers years ago.


  1. What are their chief tension areas?

Tension areas in the body? His shoulders probably. I just picture him stopping what he’s doing to roll the kinks out of his shoulders.


6.What song describes your character:

Oooh! This is a good one. Superheroes by The Script. The lyrics:

“All the hurt, all the lies
All the tears that they cry
When the moment is just right
You see fire in their eyes

‘Cause he’s stronger than you know
A heart of steel starts to grow

When you’ve been fighting for it all your life
You’ve been struggling to make things right
That’s how a superhero learns to fly
Every day, every hour
Turn the pain into power”

In no did Ethan have an easy life, but he took that negativity and used it to fuel his abilities.

  1. Are they a team player or do they prefer to play solo?

Ethan loves people. But, he finds himself taking on the solo role all too often. He tries to shield those he cares about from pain. So, if he can do something on his own, he will. (But of course, Apollo won’t let him!)


  1. Can they multitask or do they prefer to focus on one tasl at a time?

Ethan can multitask, it’s a charm of his powers. But, he prefers to focus on one task at a time, simply because he can put his all into it.


  1. If your character was allowed to murder one person without consequence, who would it be?

Three come to mind instantly. Mason, Damian and Rickie. But, I think, more than anything, Ethan wants to destroy Rickie. Rickie brought out a selfish side of Ethan that he never knew he had. Rickie forced him to see things about himself that he didn’t ever want to discover. It would bring him immense pleasure to kill that man once and for all. He feels responsible for his existence as well, so if it’s anyone’s burden, it’s his.


  1. How does your character prepare for bed? Do they sleep at all or do they stay up days on end with no trouble?

Ethan barely sleeps. He likes to get things done. Only when Apollo is there, does he crawl into bed and sleep contently. But, when his husband is away, he’s a mess and his mind is frazzled. You’ll see him working on inventions or practicing magic for hours on end.


Millie Gray:


  1. Are they a messy person or tidy?

Millie is so messy! It drives her family insane.

  1. Do they have any quirks?

Millie, believe it or not, is super flirty. She doesn’t do it in front of her family because it’s embarassing, but she’s definitely the one to let you know how she feels about you. Right now though, she’s more encompassed with getting Charlotte and Adeline not to kill each other.

  1. What’s their favorite feature about themselves?

Her smile. She knows it’s brilliant, and she knows she can ring in just about anyone with it. Not that she’s that manipulative, but if she had too ;D

  1. What kind of embarassing stuff do they do when no one is watching?

She talks to herself, both in the mirror and out and about. It’s this nervous tick she got from Millie. She’s always coaching herself on what to do.

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