Noah x Leia [The Couple that Games Together, Stays Together]

Part of the Winter OTP challenge on tumblr! Sorry it’s not really winter anymore lol


“I’m sooooooo bored,” Leia whined. “Let me play too.”


“In a minute, once I beat this boss, babe. A few more hits and he’ll be down,” Noah said.


“A few more hits until he changes form, then his health will be at max again.” She eyed the game sytem on the floor. What would happen if she just-


“Leia..tell me you didn’t just do that!” Noah dropped his controller and glared at his girlfriend. “I didn’t save!”


She stared at the powered off system and then at him again. She let out a small laugh. “It autosaves right before the match. Don’t be such a baby.”


“That was a hard battle to get to,” Noah said. “You owe me now. A kiss.”


Leia’s face turned red. Even dating, his affection still embarassed her. “Tell ya what, if you can beat me in the game.”


“Alien invasion?”


“Alien invasion.” She smirked. “You won’t even make it passed level 18, I bet.”


“You’re so on,” Noah said, stealing a quick kiss from her anyway.


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