Question and Answer with the Grays [Astra and Adeline]

A few people on tumblr had some questions for the Grays, and all answers are in their POV.


Francothecitysimmer asked Astra: “What are your future career plans?”


A question for m-ee? Oh g-osh! Thanks for asking. I hope to o-wn my o-wn bakery one day. Right now I’m working wit-h Plumbob pictures writing restaura-nt reviews. But I li-ke to be by the sto-ve much more the-n tastin-g food! It woud be so c-u-te to own a family bakery…I would call it the Gray Cafe or…I’m no-t sure. I’d just like to bake!


Wannabecatwriter asked Adeline: “It seems that she is very focused on other things at the moment, but does Adeline have romantic feelings for anyone?”


I think love is truly beautiful. I enjoy watching my sisters’ faces light up when Jeffrey and Zander walk into the room. Especially, Charlotte…her aura has changed considerably now that she’s given in to her romantic feelings. I admit, I’m a bit jealous of them. I’d like to have that person one day, but right now, there is no one I feel drawn to. I don’t know if I ever will. I’m terrified of passing down my power to my children. Imagine the trouble it would cause? It’s a reminder that someone like me should never focus on romantic feelings. I have to take care of my family, and their future. 

Thank you for thinking to ask about me, dear! I feel as if I blend into the background behind Charlotte’s spunky personality. It’s nice to know that someone wants to know something about me that doesn’t focus on me being a purebred vampire. 





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