Star x Caleb [Did You Smile at Me?]

Alternate Universe Star and Caleb


“Did you smile at me?”


Star had been rattling off all the reasons she hated her new haircut. It made her hair look brighter than it really was, her roots showed too much, the bangs were unevenly cut to the side, it was too short and elongated her face….By the end of her rant, she had fallen asleep, clutching hid leg tightly. He thought it must have been an awkward position for her, but she seemed so at peace. He stroked her hair lovingly. He liked the cut on her. It was different and framed her face beautifully. He didn’t know why she had hated it so much, but then, he thought it might have been the fear of change. The fear of losing everything once again. It was just her hair this time, but what was it last time? Losing the support of her parents. Losing sight of who she was in the public eye. She didn’t want to lose anything else, and Caleb wondered if she thought about losing him too. Of course, he would never leave her. Not if he could prevent it. He loved her immenseley, she was the only Star he really needed. He smiled down at her peaceful figure. He didn’t know what he would do without her. He smiled even brighter when he heard her quiet words. “Did you smile at me?” She was awake.


“Of course I did,” Caleb answered.


“How could you smile at the atrocity on my head?” She wondered. “It’s terrible.”


“You look beautiful,” Caleb voiced his thoughts. “I want to just hold you close and whisper things thatmake you happy, all night.”


“Saying my hair looks nice would make me happy, therefore, I know you’re lying and just saying it,” She mumbled, face pushed against his jeans.


“I’m not lying. I love you. You make me happy. You could have no hair and I’d still think you were beautiful. You have a certain aura about you, and you wear it well.”


“I love you too.” She kissed his knee lovingly and then shut her eyes again. “Thank you.” He reached down and effortlessly gathered the girl in his arms. “What are you-”


“I’m getting you to the bedroom, where you can get some beauty rest,” He answered. She snuggled closer to him in his arms. She truly felt blessed to have this man in her life.

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