Hi guys! Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been away from this story for a while. I have not forgotten it. Recently, I had hurt my hands, so typing on the computer was really hard for me. Now, I am able to, but not as much as I’m used to, so my posts will come out at a relatively slower rate for the time being until my hands heal. Thanks for your patience!


With my return, I’ll be making some few key changes to the story. Some of you may not like them, but they must be done for my sanity and also the narrative structure of the story


 1) Next chapter will be a time skip.

We’ve got to get a move on with this generation. No kids yet, but a few years will have passed.


2) There will be new characters.

Zayne Thompson by @dandylion240 will finally be making his appearance. Adeline will have a love interest made by @wannabecatwriter. There will also be a new guy in the household made by @francothecitysimmer. I have special (secret) plans for him ;D


3) Astra will return to Moonlight Falls

A key part of the Gray legacy, as it stands, is supernatural abilities. Astra is a mage, and by leaving her in a human world, I was basically castrating her magical abilities. Zodiac wanted her to to denounce her family and become a human for good. Essentially, that was just me trying to experiment and move the magical aspect away from the Grays. But that’s impossible. The Guardians, Mason, Altiere…with villains like that, there is no way for Astra to ignore her supernatural abilities or that of her family. Especially now that Declan is gone. The conflict is too big for me to stray far from it, and I’ve tried a lot to make it work, but until Moonlight Falls is stable, Astra embracing her humanity over her mage powers will be a detriment to the plot.


4) Thad and Astra will no longer be a thing.

WHAT!? I know, I know. You all love Thad and Astra. But, as I mentioned above, the storyline is straying too far from an ordinary human world. Astra must return home, and there is no way for me to figure Thad in. He’s a model, her family is fighting a supernatural war. For the sake of story, I have to end them. It hurts me too 😦 The story I had originally planned for them has been going down another path for a long time.


What does this mean for gen 5? A few things:

Alistair and Cadence will be staying in Lucky Palms with their lovers, Lucie and Ada. I’ll give you more insight later on in a catch up chapter when they have kids and what not. The structure of the story will be a bit different. I’m going to try to incorporate more of the charactersa I’ve been leaving out. So, we might check in with characters like Pandora, Lorie and Leia to see how being time keepers is working out, etc. I’ve left a lot of plot holes and open ended questions which is not good storytelling. So, if there’s a character you want to see more of, want to know what happened to them, or anything along that line, let me know. I enjoy filling out the family tree anyhow. Astra’s story will not be cancelled as originally planned. Her story will continue along side her sister. And since she is heiress, she needs to make some babies. So, here is how we’re going to do this. I have a few supernatural sims that I think will fit the story, and Astra. Since I’m taking Thastra away from you guys, I think it only fair that you choose who she ends up with. Stay tuned for that poll. I’ll be posting it shortly.


Thanks guys!  Let me know if you have any questions. PS: For the poll, would you like pics of Astra and the Guys? (Which will take some time) or would you like their story together/both, as I usually do, to help you decide?

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