Astra’s Spouse Poll (and Character Scenarios)

Your choices are these two handsome guys ;D [Poll is at the bottom.]

Choice #1: Dionysus Blaze.


Astra turned her head to the side to hide her blush. Dionysus was different. Maybe it was his vibrant orange hair and skin. Maybe it was because he was one of the few elves she had actually come in contact with, let alone roaming around Moonlight Falls. Maybe it was the way he acted like he owned the place when he walked into a building. Or, maybe it was the way he set his eyes on her and never took them off, even when she bid him farewell. She’d notice him staring at her, even when she waved the elf off and slid into her sister’s apartment. Her sister. The one Dionysus had been romantically involved with at one point. She didn’t know why he was so interested in her. Was it all Grays he had his eye on? The extra attention made her nervous…yet, she couldn’t stay away. She slid down against the fountain he had told her to meet him at. “I’m going to visit Millie and Zander,” Astra had told her sister. She knew she shouldn’t have been sneaking around especially when she knew who he was.


Dionysus Blaze. The leader of all elven people in Moonlight Falls. He had helped save his sister’s life, and was offering his people as aid in this war against Altiere. He was in no way a bad man, she was sure, just a little bit more…mature, than she was. He had treated her n adult, and not some child reliant on him for help. She liked that the most about him. His name echoed in her brain. Dionysus…the ancient Greek god of pleasure, it was a human thing. Women would make journeys up through the mountains to make offerings to him. His feast day was one where women were allowed to act as wild as they wanted. People partied and went into a frenzy. He was the fun god. Astra noticed this same power over people in the Dionysus she knew. He had a way about him that could make all women, her sister included, ready to drop for him. She was nothing like that, and maybe, he just thought of her as a challenge. Or maybe, the opposite. An easy woman to conquer. She was broken from her thoughts by the man himself. “Hey, I didn’t think you would come.”


“Why’s th-at?” She couldn’t stop herself from stuttering around him. She hated how she couldn’t focus on her words when he was near, but he thought it was cute. He had even told her that once.


“I thought your sister would have filled your head with some nonsense. Or, maybe that Jeff guy. He doesn’t like me that much. You know, I’d accuse him of stealing my girl, but Charlotte was never really interested in me to begin with.” He slid down next to the black haired girl. Astra eyed him up and down. No shoes, hair up in a messy bun, tank top and rolled up sweats. This was nothing like the suave man she had witnessed strolling around Moonlight falls. “What? Something on my face?”


Astra shook her head and leaned her face into her knees. She was so embarrassed. “Why di-d you wan-t to meet?” She mumbled into her knees.


He let out a small laugh. “Head up. Look around you. What do you see?”


She lifted her head up slowly. “Trees?”


“And? What else?” He asked.


“More trees.”


“This is my home. The reason you don’t see many elves wandering about, it isn’t because there aren’t many of us. We just prefer to stay amongst nature, deep in the forest. If it wasn’t for Altiere, I wouldn’t be out and about Moonlight Falls at all. I hate industrial life.” He picked up a stick and began to carve something into the dirt. Astra watched him intently. “Our symbol, it stands for peace and prosperity. I have it tattooed on my chest.” Dionysus pointed to the large orange tattoo, slightly pulling his tank top down. Astra blushed. “I guess, I guess I wanted to show you what it means to live.” He stood up, extending his hand to her. “Come on, I’ll introduce you to them. My people.”


Astra hesitated for a moment, before grasping his hand. “I ca-n’t. I’m an ou-tside-r…” Her voice trailed off.


“No you’re not.” He smiled at her. “Peace and prosperity. As long as you support that, my people will welcome you in with open arms. And whoever dares say anything to you is getting their ass kicked.”


Choice #2: Audric Brainard.


Audric held his hand out to the quiet girl. It had been two years since he had first saw the grief stricken mage. From the moment he saw the tears roll from her eyes, he knew that he’d spend the rest of his life making sure that she would never cry again. They had a funny way of communicating. No words needed to be spoken for him to understand her. He’d simply read her mind, if she’d allow him to. And, she always did. Audric could feel the pain every time he tuned into her being. So much pain. He could stop it, but she’d have to accept him as he was. She needed to like what was under the surface, and not many did. She reached out and took his hand, ever so gently. Audric smiled. It had been years since he had seen a woman so gentle and kind as Astra Gray. She was remarkable in his eyes, a true beauty. But could one as mild and sweet love a beast like him? No, he was sure she couldn’t. He didn’t deserve her attention. Yet, he’d continue to make her happy, even if it was happy with someone else. He’d have to let her go soon. If she returned and chose him, he’d be the luckiest man in the world. If she chose someone else, he’d admire her from the sidelines and love her for as long as his heart allowed him to.


“What’s this?” Her voice was heavenly, but she preferred not to use it because of the effort it took to keep her from stuttering. It was just the two of them in his palace, and he had told her time and time again not to worry. It seemed as if she had finally gotten comfortable with his presence.


“I’ve made us a feast. You always have food on your mind.” A big smile made it’s way onto her face. A smile that Audric wanted to see forever.


“You cooked this meal?” Astra asked. He could feel excitement rise within her. he had found something she adored. He’d cook for her every day if she’d allow him to.


“Yes, I did, my dear.”


“It’s a lot,” She said thoughtfully. “Do you enjoy cooking?”


“I can’t say that I do,” Audric admitted. “But if it pleases you, I’d do this for you every day.”


Astra looked around the large empty palace. It was just them two. She most certainly didn’t need this much food, but she appreciated the effort. “Maybe I can make the meal next time.”


“Absolutely not, my dear.” Audric widened his eyes. “A beauty like you lives to be served, not to serve. I cannot allow that.”


But, I like to cook. She thought to herself. She struggled to find the words to voice this, but she didn’t have to. Audric heard her loud and clear. “I cannot allow you to serve me. But if it pleases you, you may join me in the kitchen.”


“I can help you?” She asked excitedly. Audric was strange. She didn’t quite understand him, but she wanted to. He acted so peculiar and foreign to what she knew.


He let out a small sigh. “If it pleases you, I can help you.” She smiled at him. He wanted to serve her, but she wanted him to see that she wanted to be his equal. He leaned forward and carefully brushed her hair from her face. “May I eat with you?”


She nodded furiously. “Audric, how many times do I have to tell you that you don’t have to ask that? I don’t like to be alone.”


She wouldn’t be, ever again. He’d make sure of it.


Astra needs an elven hubby! Help her make her choice by voting in the poll below.


Will she choose Dionysus, the mature, suave, ladies man? Dionysus is the leader of the elven clan in Moonlight Falls and is helping the Gray family in their war against Altiere. Much is unknown about him, such as his true personality when he’s among his people. Dionysus isn’t the loud and crazy man his name suggests. He believes in a world where ALL people can coexist with each other.


Will she choose Audric, the calm, soft spoken, gentleman? Audric is an even bigger mystery than Dionysus. Where he hails from and who he is exactly is even a mystery to Astra. He has trained Astra for two years in forbidden magic, but in that time, the only contact they’d had was with each other. Astra is completely content with Audric’s intentions, even if she doesn’t know exactly what they are. She feels an overwhelming sense of trust when she’s around him. But, he speaks of a curse that needs to be broken.


You can vote as many times as you’d like. I’m unsure when I’ll close the poll. Probably after each guy gets a proper chapter in the story, so you’re not making a blind decision. I’d love to know if you’re team Dionsyus or Team Audric. Let me know in the comments (:


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2 thoughts on “Astra’s Spouse Poll (and Character Scenarios)

  1. I may hold off on choosing, just until I know each guy better… I’m still very sad that Thastra is no more… will they at least get a proper goodbye? 😦

    Not that I have a problem with either guy, I just want to know them better before jumping to vote. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good to hear from you! It’s been awhile ,how are you and Jax doing? I knew that people loved Thastra a lot, but honestly, think about it…he can’t compete with Altiere. There’s no place for Astra in a human world, she’d be denouncing her entire family. The only ones she’d be able to get away with seeing is her dads, not even Millie would be able to visit her because of her pink skin. I just can’t see Thad in Moonlight Falls either. I’m not planning on a goodbye chapter, maybe I’ll go back and do one as an extra chapter, but next one will be posted as a time jump. I think I left off the last astra chapter in a pretty solid place in terms of goodbyes. Plus, I want to do this Elf storyline I’ve been thinking about for a while (I blame Dragon Age)!


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