Gen 5 Extras

Hi everyone! I’m really sorry for the absence, especially since it’s been really quite here. I haven’t updated in two months!? Recently, I hurt my hand which makes writing a bit more difficult. On top of that, I’ve gotten some freelance writing gigs which I pour my effort into. I’m having an interesting time trying to find time for everything. For now, A Graying World will be updated slowly, but updated nonetheless. It’ll be my only story updated until further notice. That is not to say anything else is cancelled officially. Anyway, enjoy these extras that will be the driving force of Gen 6. A new chapter is half written, so look out for that!  [Adrian Dupree was made by Phyrcracker93]


“What are you cackling about over here?” Zodiac peered at the black haired male. “This doesn’t look like what Audric told you to do.”


“What are you? His lap dog? You should be harassing the guardians, not me.” Mason lowered his eyes at Zodiac.


“I could care less about whether you do what you’re supposed to do or not,” Zodiac began. “I was told to keep track of the guardians. I’m not going to do anything more. So, scheme away. Not like this world is going to make it that far anyway.”


“Just like that?” Mason placed his hands on his hips. “Heh, you’re an even bigger idiot than I imagined. You’re not going to rat me out to your little master?”


“The way I see it, the world is going to implode eventually. What do I care if it’s now and not later?” Zodiac shrugged. “I really don’t mind.”


Mason let out another small laugh. “You’re so hopeless…I love it. Come take a look, I want you to see how much despair there really is in this dimension.”


Zodiac peered at the magic mirror that Mason stood in front of. “That girl…she’s an ice person.”


Mason nodded, a smirk on his lips. “Not just any ice person. That is the very first ice person. And, it’s all thanks to my meddling. Isn’t she lovely?” Zodiac stood silent, allowing Mason to continue his explanation. “Because I caused these almost insurmountable rifts in time, I allowed certain conditions to arise that would not have before. Some kind of chemical allowed a human to be frozen, and still live. Those stupid scientists took advantage of the damage that I made, and unknowingly created a being that I am going to most definitely exploit.”


“He’s doing it! Adrian, he is really walking!” Snowbelle let out an exasperated gasp.


Adrian let out a small chuckle. “Darling, you’re acting like he just walked on the moon or something.”


“Can people really do that? On the moon?” She stared at him, wide eyed. “The moon?”


“Yes.” Adrian smiled. He leaned over and laid a hand on her arm. Their son, Wolf let out a small babble and snuggled closer to his mother.  “Together…this is what I want to be like. Forever.” He muttered the last part slowly. He could see the white of Snowbelle’s hair taking over, and he could see how fatigued she was getting. Ever since the wedding, she had begun tying her hair up, but that didn’t stop him from noticing the brittle texture. Her skin was becoming warmer to the touch, and her eyes didn’t shine as bright as they used to. She was trying to hide it in the best way she could, with a smile and unnecessary happiness. She was sick, she could be angry once and a while. She could let it out, and yell! But she didn’t. Because she loved Wolf and didn’t want him to have to suffer.


“Adrian…” She reached out and laid a hand on his knee. “Please stop looking at me like that. I am fine, really.”


“You’re not,” He mumbled. “You’re…” He stopped himself. If he said it, it would make it real. “You’re beautiful. I love you.”


“I love you too.” She lifted Wolf into her arms and sat on the couch next to her husband. “I don’t know when I am going to melt,” She began carefully. “But it does not make the time we spent together any less special. Do not fuss. I adored every minute I’ve gotten to spend with you. Our memories will live on forever. But, enough sad talk. Smile.” She nudged his arm.


Adrian managed to form a smile, albeit a sad one. “All we can do is make Wolf’s life comfortable.”


“No.” She shook her head. “I want his life to be more than comfortable. I want him to be happy. Nobody, not even a scientist will stop that from happening.”


“How sad,” Zodiac’s words were emotionless. “She is dying.”


“I’m not really interested in her,” Mason said. “Her job stopped the minute she gave birth to that child. He is not made of ice, but he carries the gene. His heart is as frozen as her’s was.”


“He will meet the same early demise as her,” Zodiac concluded.


“Precisely.” Mason nodded his head eagerly. “Don’t you know what this mean?”


“It means nothing because that boy is human,” Zodiac said.


“That’s where you’re wrong, Zodiac. Don’t be an idiot. It means everything. If we make sure that so called legacy continues, we will be creating a bigger pool of these ice people genes. Each time, inflicting the chance of early death.”


“And?” Zodiac tilted his head. “What would you want with such a weak race? They are like flies, they barely have enough time to live a decent life. Besides, the world will implode anyway.”


Mason chuckled. “Oh Zodiac, I see why Audric assigned you guardian duty. You’re a fool if you can’t see what’s right in front of you. For one, I’m going to be showing Audric that he can’t tell me what to do. I’m going to spread this thing around, but we won’t get the proper ice people we see with people like Frost Bite. Oh no, these frozen human hybrids…” He chuckled. “Forget it, Zodiac. You’re not smart enough to comprehend what this really means for our dimension.” He straightened his jacket out and shooed the colorful male away. “You’ll see when that little boy grows up, just how important he is for our dimension.”


Preview of what’s to come:


“And you’re sure they don’t suspect a thing?”


Zayne shook his head. “They have no reason to believe that I’d do anything more than what I already have.”


“Good.” Audric paused for a moment before speaking his next words. “Just leave her out of it.”


Zayne let out a small sigh. She would find out what was happening eventually. She had already been snooping…


“What’s on your mind?” Audric made the strongest connections with those that allowed him into their minds. Zayne was not one of the people willing to open himself up. Considering what the man had already been through, he couldn’t blame him.


“It’s just…when did the plan change?” He didn’t want to go through with it, Audric knew. But he’d have to. Everyone was doing their part, and if not for Audric Zayne would have been alone once again.


“The payout will be more than worth it, I assure you. A beautiful damsel is waiting for you at the end of the mission. The one you could never have-”


“I don’t want anything more than what I have.” Zayne cut him off sharply. “You replacing that doesn’t make this any better. You want to destroy the only thing I care about in this life, but you get to keep your precious doll, right?”


For a second, Zayne thought he saw the  of lavender lights in the man’s eyes. But then, it was gone. “If I were you, I’d watch your tone.”


[Zayne Thompson was made by Dandylion240]

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