A Very Gray Halloween 2016

Here are just a few pictures I took of the Gray kids all grown up. Hope you enjoy (:


“Lily, smile!” Zinnia exclaimed.


“Huh? Wait, I wasn’t ready! Can we take another one?” The fairy cried.


“Yes, we can take another,” Graciela laughed from behind the camera. “Jordyn, look up. Awesome.” She turned to Knox. “Looks like you’re already in position bud.”


“We’re good!” Zinnia threw her hands up. “Cheese.



“Wait, I blinked!” Lily cried.


“You gotta pose,” Knox explained to his cousins. “See, this right here is called the puppy dog pout.”


“Aren’t you supposed to smile?” Waverly asked the young boy.


“Uh, you can do whatever! I’m like a model, I look good doing anything!” Pax let out a laugh. Knox glared. “You gotta pose!”


“How’s this?” Pax threw his arm out.


“You look like you’re using the force,” Waverly said, holding back a laugh.


“You do,” Graciela added from behind the camera. “Camilla is gonna love this one.”


“Wha-t? Don’t show her that!”


Graciela felt Knox pull on the side of her dress. “You gotta get in one too!”


“No thanks, kiddo.” She didn’t understand how he could be so damn energetic all the time.


“I want in,” Lily said defiantly. “This time I will be prepared!”


With Knox and Lily pulling on both of her arms, Graciela gave in. “Here Pax. Get my good side.”


“I don’t think you have a good side.” He smirked.


She glared. “Just snap the picture.”


“No more photos…” Jordyn glared at her mother who urged her to get into another photo.


“Oh come on, you guys are all dressed up. Please?” Millie asked.


“I got it Aunt Millie!” Zinnia rushed over, grabbed the girl by her arm and pulled her in front of the background.


“Where do you think you’re going?” Harmony looked up at the pink haired male.


“Uh…I need to uh, do something else?” She grinned sheepishly.


“We did the 80s theme together, so you better get into this picture with me. Besides, I need to redeem myself with a better pose this time.”


She let out a laugh. “I don’t think you can. Look.” She showed him her phone. “Camilla already saw it.”

Pax grabbed Harmony’s arm. “Then you have to bail me out and do the stupid pose with me.”


She punched his arm. “Fine, but you have to give me some of Waverly’s candy. We’re too old to trick or treat.”


“He really doesn’t want to go.” Pax grinned, shooting a glance at his younger brother. “But maybe Gregg can convince him to go. Someone needs to watch the kids while we party.”


“Scary movies in the basement is hardly a party.” Charlotte rolled her eyes at her son and niece. “When I was your age, I went to a vampire lounge and me and Dio- uh, forget it. Picture time!”


Zinnia copied Pax’s move. “May the force be with you. Huzzah!”

gray halloween.jpg

Have a happy Halloween guys! If you didn’t recognize them, in the first picture is Jordyn Thompson (Millie and Zayne’s kid), Knox (Astra and Dion’s kid), Lily (Adeline and Erik’s kid) and Zinnia (Astra and Audric’s kid). They haven’t been born yet in the story (:




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