Character Profile: Declan Gage


Full Name: Declan Gage
Gender and Sexuality: Gay Male
Pronouns: He
Ethnicity/Species: Berry Mage
Birthplace and Birthdate: He was born in Moonlight Falls when Damian was in the peak of his power. The man was a tyrant who viciously took care of anyone in his way. That was a few generations ago.
Guilty Pleasures: Reading tasteful [the well written kind!] erotic books. He doesn’t exactly have anyone to uh…relieve his stress with, at the moment.
Phobias: Not being strong enough to fight back.
What They Would Be Famous For: He’s that guy who you love and root for, but find out on TMZ later that he spits on his fans or something >_<
What They Would Get Arrested For: Killing someone. Or rather, multiple people.
OC You Ship Them With: No one right now in the canon. But secretly, I’d like to think that he doesn’t completely hate Alistair and if Burke wasn’t there to set my baby straight, the two would find each other again somehow.
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: My first thought was Alistair, but actually I don’t think he’d ever actually be able to go through with it. So then, my answer is two people. Either Damian or Charlotte, because Damian doesn’t actually really like Declan but tolerates him because of Altiere, and Charlotte because she loathes him.
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Action, with lots of fight scenes.
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Real romance. The stuff that goes passed the meaningless sex and establishes a deeper meaning in the two character’s lives. He’s bitter, but it’s his own fault.
Talents and/or Powers: Right now, he has an immense amount of power given to him by Altiere. How? Who the heck even knows. It hasn’t been revealed in detail yet.
Why Someone Might Love Them: …… Alistair loves (yes, I think it’s safe to say that Alistair still has feelings for Declan even though the man is a freaking liar) Declan because he is strong, independent and has a hold on the situation. He never felt like he was babysitting Declan, and could trust him (at hone point) to do what was best for his family in Alistair’s absence.
Why Someone Might Hate Them: Have you read my legacy!? xD Why would someone like him…the man is a liar who led his husband on for years, had children with him, while simultaneously ruining their lives so he could rise to power in Moonlight Falls. He’s not the most loyal, but he’s a hell of a good liar.
How They Change: Declan started as a jerk who Alistair hated (and vice versa). Then, he warmed up to the idea of Alistair and became a sweet and caring fatherly type. The last change was a negative one in which he turned his back on his family and became a power hungry fiend, waging war on the family he claimed to love.
Why You Love Them: I wrote a few negative things about Declan, but believe it or not I really do adore his character. His motivations go way deeper than what you’re seeing on the page (screen I guess?). He is incredibly smart and calculating. But, he also has feelings and believes what he is doing is the right thing. You guys haven’t gotten to see the why. He’s really fun to write about.


Bonus Question for Declan: “Do you ever regret betraying your family?”


“Regret is something I’m not capable of feeling. Whether it’s because I’m numb, or because I don’t actually really care is up to you to decipher. My intentions are really none of your concern. I’ve done what I’ve done, because I can. If by regret, you mean thinking about never having done it? I stick with my initial answer. I wouldn’t take back what I did and I will not look to the past as my beacon, when the future is so clearly defined in front of me. Now, leave. I have important things to attend to…a world to look after. Damian will show you out. I hope your stay in Moonlight Falls is a pleasant one. Oh, and do report any sightings of that so called family to me. It’s in your best interest to do so. Now, if you’re done asking questions, good day.”


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