Drabble: Gone [Graciela]


Not sure if this will be cannon or not, but thought about it and had to post it. 


“How can I smile if he’s gone, dad?” Graciela’s voice was hoarse from crying. She had been sure that she had run out of tears, only to find more running down her face. “Tell me how.”


“I…” He bit his lip, years and years of agony flooding back into his memory. Losing his parents, losing his family and being brought into a new life…it was possible to move on. He was proof of that. But it didn’t mean it was easy. “I can’t tell you that it won’t hurt, but I can tell you that it won’t hurt forever.”


“Gone,” She repeated. “It’s my fault, isn’t it?”


“No.” His answer was firm and resolute. She wanted him to agree with her, so she could feel something worse than the emptiness in her heart. “You had nothing to do with this.”


“I have everything to do with it,” She replied forcefully. “I ruined his life.”


“You didn’t,” He replied. “You made it better.”


“Stop lying dad,” She muttered, feeling the tears form at the corner of her eyelids once again. “I just want to be alone.”


“I’m sorry honey.” He kissed her forehead lovingly, but resolved to give her space. He knew how she was feeling, and it got harder and harder everyday to mask the regret. He was content in his life, but it didn’t stop the thoughts from flashing through his mind. “I love you.”

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