Drabble: It Said My Name [Graciela]


“It said my name.”


“Dad, she won’t come out. I have no idea what to do,” Waverly cried. “She needs to feed or else she’ll become dehydrated and die.”


“I know,” Jeff muttered, thinking about what he could say to his daughter to get her to come out of her room. “Pax, have you tried getting Nerissa to do something?”


“Nerissa isn’t exactly talking to me at the moment,” Pax said. “I doubt that Gracie’d care though. Something seriously spooked her.”


“Move,” Charlotte said sharply. “This needs a woman’s touch.” Her 3 boys looked up at her, but moved aside.


“Graciela honey, it’s mom.”


“Go away.”


“You know I won’t do that, Sweetheart.”


“You have to. Just go away.” Graciela’s voice was shaky. “Please just listen to me and go away. It knows who we are.”


“Who does?”


“The darkness,” Graciela said, quivering. “It said my name. That means it knows yours too. We’re in trouble, mom. Serious trouble.”


Charlotte took a step back from the door as if it had electrocuted her. A hand flew up to her mouth. Could the darkness really be that much of a threat?

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