Drabble: Show Me Your Texts or It’s Over [AlistairxBurke]


Alistair frowned as Burke giddily fooled around with his phone. Phones were a luxury that Alistair couldn’t afford. Not because of any monetary value but because it was dangerous for him and his family. Anyone could track a phone. “Burke, eyes up here buddy.”


Burke smirked. “You jealous?”


But Alistair wasn’t smiling. “You know how much trouble that phone can put my family in? Do you understand who you could be leading here?”


Burke shrugged. “I do know, but it’s not what you think.”


“Show me your texts or it’s over,” Alistair said harshly.


“My texts? What?” Burke shook his head. “You got it all wrong. I’m not texting anyone.” He held up the phone. “I’ playing a game, first of all. Second of all, what would you end? The days I sneak around and sleep with you? That’s not really a real relationship for you to be threatening me.”


Alistair glared at the man, but he was relieved to know that Burke hadn’t been texting anyone. Nobody had the red haired male’s attention… “If you don’t care if I end it, then why keep showing up?”


Burke laughed. “Because you have a nice ass. Finest I’ve ever seen in Moonlight Falls.”


Alistair couldn’t stay angry at the smiling male any longer. He punched his arm playfully before pushing passed him to sit on the couch. “Make my fine ass some breakfast?”


“Of course.” He winked. “Anything for you, Keeper.”

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