Drabble: Tis Not the Season [KenxTamara]


Tis Not the Season.


“You’re not going to actually wear that, are you?” Tamara asked her husband, with a sly grin. “It’s a million degrees outside.”


“It’s Christmas season, so yeah, I am,” Ken said. “Lighten up a bit.”


“You’re the one who needs to lighten up.” She let out a small laugh. “We’re in Sunlit Tides. Not exactly the picture of the holidays, huh?”


“All we need is a little AC, and like a wood chipper to run some ice through-” Tamara shook her head at her husband. He stopped talking. “I’m sorry, but I never had that snowy Christmas like I wanted to growing up.”


“We can fix that much more easily,” She told him, enveloping the man in her arms. “Let’s go away fro Christmas. I’m sure your family wouldn’t mind joining us this year. Starlight Shores?”


“I love you.” A grin overtook his face. “You’re incredible.”


“Just smart.” She winked at him. “Now take off that jacket, I’m getting hot just looking at you.”


Tamara was made by @francothecitysimmer!

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