Drabble: Winter Fun [BaileyxGerard]


Winter Fun.

“Smile,” Bailey coaxed. “This could be a blessing in disguise.”


“A blessing? Honey, I lost my job,” He replied. Bailey had a more expensive taste than he was used to. But Gerard loved her and as long as it was in their budget, he had no problem spoiling his wife. “Our Christmas is going to be ruined. You’re wearing a university sweatshirt, instead of that nice pea coat you asked for.”


“So? Who cares?” She asked. “It keeps me warm. I don’t care about the material items. I just need you on Christmas, not some stupid coat.” Still, he looked unconvinced, or rather, upset.


“Gerard, honey…”


“Yes?” He shifted his body to look a his wife, having his face pelted by a cold snowball.


“What are you doing, Bailey?” He gasped. Seeing her mischievous grin, he couldn’t help but laugh. “If this is how you want to play, then fine.” Reaching down, he grabbed snow in his hands and began to pack a snowball. What started as an argument ended in a full blown snowball fight. Collapsing onto the floor a half hour later, Bailey reached out to Gerard’s cold hand and planted a kiss on it. She loved him, and money wouldn’t change that.


Gerard Cortes was made by @wannabecatwriter.

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