Drabble: You Better Have A Good Reason [MilliexZayne]


“You better have a good reason for waking me up at the ass-crack of dawn,” Zayne groaned.


“Harmony is coming back today from the sleepover at Char’s place,” Millie said. “I want her to know that we missed her a lot.”


“So a grand welcoming when she gets here?” He stretched his arms over his head. “We can do that, I guess.”


“You guess?” Millie raised her brow.


“Not that I don’t love having Harmony here, because I adore her more than life itself…it’s just that I was enjoying our night alone together. We haven’t had fun like that in a long time.”


She flicked his nose. “I’m pregnant already, stop.” She let out a small laugh and hugged her boyfriend. “Harmony loves you, a lot.”


“I love her too,” Zayne mumbled, remembering what it was like to be a father once before. “I’m glad that she accepts me as a dad. That good for nothing vampire didn’t know what he was missing when he left like that.”


“Zander was a jerk,” Millie mumbled. “But I’m glad we met because without him, I wouldn’t have Harmony and I wouldn’t be where I am with you today.” She smiled, remembering just how protective Zayne was whenever he saw Zander around town. Zayne loved her, and she really felt that.


Zayne leaned in and kissed his girlfriend. “You, Harmony and our unborn child mean everything to me. Don’t you forget that. Now, come on, before our little lady arrives.”

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