Drabble: Great, What Did You Bring Home? [Apollo x Ethan]


“Great, what did you bring home this time?”


Apollo leaned on the wall adjacent to the bathroom door. “Ethan.” He had been in the bathroom all morning, ever since he got home from the store.


“Five more minutes, I’m almost done!” Ethan called out from behind the door.


“What are you doing in there? It smells like ammonia.” Apollo scrunched up his nose in disgust. The entire house was starting to stink up.


“Is it that bad? I’m sorry. It’ll be worth it though.”


Apollo groaned, remembering how secretive Ethan had been returning home with the single shopping bag hidden underneath his shirt. “Great. What did you bring home this time?”


He opened the door, poking his head out. He wore a mischievous grin. “Step into my salon, love.”


Apollo’s eyes widened at the bottle of hair dye Ethan held in his gloved hands. He shook his head furiously. “Hell no.”


“Oh come on, I know your last name is Gray but do you really have to take it literally?” Ethan reached out and ruffled Apollo’s hair, earning him a grunt of dissatisfaction. “It’s nothing crazy, just your usual black.”


“Why do you care, if I’m happy with my hair?” Apollo crossed his arms over his chest defiantly.


“Because, I know you do care,” He responded. “If you looked younger, maybe you’d feel younger.” He kissed his husband’s forehead.


“Do you really want this?” Apollo asked with a resigned sigh.


“I think it’ll be cute.” Ethan nodded.


“Okay, fine. We’ll dye my hair, but I’m going to a salon. A real one.”

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