Drabble: Remember When? [Graciela, CharlottexJeff]


“Oh, remember when you used to wear that all the time? Good times.”


Graciela frowned. “Mom, I don’t know about this. What if he doesn’t like it?” The teenage girl bit her lip. “Don’t you think the fishnets is a bit much?” Upon seeing his daughter, Jeff let out a laugh. “Dad!” The girl shrieked. “I knew it. it’s too much. I have to go change. He’s going to hate it.”


“No, wait.” Jeffrey held his hand up. “You look stunning.”


“Now you’re just lying to make me feel better about myself,” She muttered, taking a seat on the edge of the bed.


“No, I’m not.” He shook his head. “It’s just been awhile since I’ve seen that shirt. Is it your mother’s?”


She nodded. “Mother insisted that this shirt was cool, and I kinda like it. But, I don’t know.”


Jeffrey turned to his wife, taking her hand in his. “Oh, remember when you used to wear that all the time? Good times.”


“Good times indeed,” Charlotte answered.


“Graciela, I’ll have you know your mother attracted me with that very shirt.”


“She did?” Graciela tilted her head. “It’s just a shirt. How?”


“It’s not just a shirt.” He shook his head. “It let me know she was edgy. And I remember clearly how mean she was to me when she wore it.”


“What?” Charlotte feigned shock. “I was not! I was a model citizen.”


“We had our first kiss when you were wearing that shirt.” Graciela noticed how her dad’s eyes sparkled when he spoke to her mother. She could only wish that someone would love her half as much as her dad loved her mom.


“Yeah, and you’re still wearing that ugly jacket. It’s been over twenty years. Throw it out.” Charlotte flicked the leather. “Anyway, Graciela, you look wonderful in that shirt. It’s yours if you want it.”


“I can keep it?” She nodded enthusiastically. “Thank you so much!” Seeing her parents love, she was energized and ready for this study date. And if the fishnets were too much? She’d have to find someone with an equally annoying dress code.

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