Hungry [MilliexZayne]


“I’m so hungry I could eat a- stop looking at me like that in public!”


Millie groaned. “Being pregnant sucks. Three kids? How do you do it, Charlotte?”


Charlotte let out a small laugh. “Patience, and a lot of it.”


Millie rubbed her stomach. “I’m so hungry I could eat a-” From the corner of her eyes, she saw Zayne staring at her with amusement dancing behind his eyes. “Stop looking at me like that in public!”


He chuckled. “This is totally not public. Char’s house is like our second home.”


Charlotte nodded. “Honestly. You guys are here at least twice a month. But uh, I get it.” She looked over at Leon’s father. “I say we leave the lovebirds alone. Let’s check on our kids.”


He nodded. “Yes, let’s.”


When the two vampires were gone, Millie shot Zayne a look. “Babe, why do you always do that?”


“Do what?” He asked, smirking. “All I’m doing is looking.”


“Just looking, hmm?” She stepped closer to him. “That’s not how I got like this.” She pointed to her stomach. “No more kids.”


“Jeff has six kids,” Zayne said.


“So? This is not a competition!” Millie cried. “And Charlotte only had to pop out three of them.”


“Less fun for her and Jeff then.” He was enjoying teasing his girlfriend. He turned around to the slice of cake he had placed down on the counter, whirled back to face Millie and shoved a forkful into her mouth. “How does that taste?”


“Zayne!” She cried out, after swallowing the vanilla cake. “You are going to be the death of me, I swear.”


“You couldn’t have asked for a more fun man, hmm?” He laughed.


Zayne Thompson was made by @dandylion240. Thanks for the request and sorry for the wait.

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