Blushing [AdelinexErik]


“Aaaah, I can’t stop blushing…No, you’re not helping at all.”
Adeline let out a small laugh at her husband’s dramatic outburst. “Honey, nobody cares.”


“That’s what they want you to think, but behind closed doors, I’m definitely the laughing stock. I can just hear the jokes Jeff and Zayne are making about me as we speak.”


“They’re not,” She coaxed. “They like to tease, but they don’t mean anything by it. You’re like their brother. After all this time, it’d be weird for them not to make fun of you.”


“Yes but…” Erik raised his head to get a better look at Adeline who wore a big grin. “You think this is funny, don’t you?’


She nodded, her grin widening. “You just looked so adorable out there.”


“I couldn’t fly! My wings, they felt strange.” He covered his face. “I’m a fairy who couldn’t even fly correctly. Even my wife is laughing at me.”


“I’m laughing because I thought it was adorable,” Adeline said. She leaned closer to him. “Besides, you soared into my heart, didn’t you?”


“Aaaah, I can’t stop blushing…No, you’re not helping at all. Get out of here. You’re making me heat up even more.” He tried to turn over but Adeline stopped him by pushing her weight onto him.


“We’ll find out what’s going on with your wings. But for now, can we just lay here for a bit?”


“If you promise to not bring it up ever again. And I mean ever.” He gave her a warning look.


“You’re still blushing,” She teased.




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