So Sweet [AlistairxDeclan]


“You’re too sweet.”


His words were like venom, dripping from his lips. Except in this case, he knew the venom would hurt him, but he just kept inching closer and closer for more. It was sick, but Alistair found himself enraptured with the man who had destroyed his life. “What do you want?” Alistair’s voice was trembling, as he tried to sound firm in his words.


“You’re the one who came here,” Declan said with a smirk. “I don’t recall inviting you.”


“You know damn well why I’m here. There’s no need to play games. I want to know what you know about all of this. Everything.” Alistair glared at the man.


“Everything? That’s going to cost you.” Declan took a step closer to Alistair. “You know, there’s a reason I invited you to talk in my bedroom and not the throne room downstairs.”


“Don’t you dare…” Alistair growled. “You don’t get to seduce me. Not anymore.”


“Are you afraid that if I touch you, you won’t be able to stop yourself from giving in to me? Are you afraid that you’ll actually like what I do to you?”


“What is your angle, damn it?” Alistair asked, taking another step back, ignoring Declan’s accusations. “Power? Is that why you did all of this? Years and years worth of planning for simple power?”


“I made my bed just for you. I put the good comforters on and the radio is close by, for those sultry tunes you like to listen to while we make love.” The way Declan spoke was so nonchalant that Alistair couldn’t help but wonder why. Why go through all this trouble to push Alistair away, just to pull him back in again? Alistair felt Declan’s arm slide around his waist, another cupping his face. “We don’t have to make love. We can sit and talk. We can gaze at each other. We can do whatever you like. While you’re here, my castle is your castle. So make yourself at home.”


“I hate you more than anything, yet I can’t stop thinking about you. And you know this. You know this and you invite me over to your place to do what? I don’t understand. Declan, I can see it in your eyes. This isn’t the life you wanted, is it?”


You’re too sweet,” Declan said suddenly. “You want to pretend like I’m redeemable. My words? They’re cheap. I just want you in my bed, Alistair. I don’t care about how you think you can save me from myself or those vampires. And if you don’t want to spend the night, then go home. But my offer will always be available to you, whenever you’d like. Like I said, while you’re warming my bed up, my castle is your castle. But if you have nothing to offer me but words, I have no interest in you.”




“Well?” Declan whispered. “I’m interested in your actions, not your words.”


I don’t know where to go from here with these two in this drabble, so I’m ending it here. 

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