Valentine’s Day [HarmonyxWolf]

valentines dayy.jpg

“Just hurry up and come downstairs,” Wolf called. “Your dad is glaring at me!”


“He glares at all the boys,” Harmony called down. “I’m almost done. I’ll be ready soon. I want to look my best. It’s my first Valentine’s Day date.” It was also her first date in general and that made her even more nervous. Wolf was nonchalant about the idea. But how could he be so calm in a situation like this? Her first date. With a boy. And it was Wolf Azure, whose father was old friends with her father.


She had been taking her sweet time getting dressed because she wanted to impress him. Forgetting the fact that when he had asked her out, she was in sweat pants and wearing no makeup. It was an off day for her, but he didn’t care. Wolf was never one to show his emotions, and the idea of Valentine’s Day, he had told her cousin Graciela, was not something he cared to entertain. But, Gracie assured her cousin that he was willing to wait on long lines for subparagraph dinner service if that’s what Harmony had wanted. And she did want that.


She took one more glance in the mirror before exiting her room. Her breath caught in her throat when she saw Wolf in his usual attire. He hadn’t even bothered to dress up. Not that she was expecting him to. In fact, she loved that sweater because it reminded him of his mother and that thought made her smile.


How could he choose someone like her? She was ordinary. A witch sure, but she wasn’t kick ass like Gracie or Camilla and she wasn’t funny like Nerissa. She didn’t see a reason for him to pick her when he could have had her cousin. “You look great,” Wolf said, in a daze. He wasn’t expecting her to look that stunning. He was caught off guard, and suddenly felt under dressed.


“You think so?” She muttered. He could only nod, reaching out his hand to help her down the staircase.


Zayne hovered over the two. “I want her home by 10pm. If she is even a minute late, you will regret it.”


“Daddy!” Harmony cried. “Stop it.”


But Wolf only chuckled. “You got it, sir.”

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