Stop Interrupting Me [AlistairxDeclan]




“I want to know the truth,” Alistair said. “From your point of view. I don’t care about what Audric has to say. Because, according to him, you’re the bad guy.”


“I am the bad guy,” Declan answered. “I don’t know why you don’t want to believe that.”


“The bad guy doesn’t just admit that they’re the bad guy.” Alistair crossed his arms over his chest.


“I don’t know what you want me to say to you, Alistair. I can’t level with you.”


“But the facade is down now, isn’t it? No more whimsical powerful king. You’re talking to me like you would have if we were still together. Don’t tease me and-”


“Just stop,” Declan replied. “You’re holding on to a delusion. You are just someone to keep my bed warm, like that merman was to you.”


“No. You know that’s not true because-”


“Because what, Alistair?” Declan asked angrily. “There is no mystery to solve. My allegiance is with Altiere.”


“Stop interrupting me,” Alistair challenged.


“No,” Declan answered. “You don’t have anything of worth to say. Just the same old heroic speech.”


“I-” But he was silenced by the man’s lips on his. A sensation that always made his heartbeat quicken. Why did he do this?


“STOP INTERRUPTING ME!” Alistair shouted angrily. “You don’t get to use me like some kind of toy for your pleasure. Talk to me like the father of my children. Because if you can’t, then maybe you’re right and I need to stop being so delusional.”


Declan smirked, easing back into that smug king that Alistair hated so much. Where was the man he knew? Surely, this couldn’t be him.

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