They’re So Cute When They’re Sleeping [CharlottexJeff]


“They’re so cute when they’re asleep.”


Charlotte ran her hand through her messy hair. She needed to tie it up in a bun, she hated when it touched the back of her neck. Pax, Camilla and Nerissa had just been dropped off to Millie and Zayne’s house for a sleepover with Harmony. As usual, Graciela refused to go. She was barely comfortable sleeping at home, so Charlotte didn’t push her daughter. “Jeff?” She called out. “I’m home. How are the kids?” There was no answer.


She could sense him, but still, worry coursed through her body. “Jeff?” She called again. “Graciela?” Sometimes she missed having Justine and Caleb around. Extra hands on deck were always good. She headed towards where she felt Jeff’s presence. Their bedroom. She opened the door slowly, ready to attack if need be. But, she was relieved to see her fiance asleep on the bed with their kids. She couldn’t help but smile. They just looked so adorable. Cautiously, as not to wake them up, she headed towards the trio.


Finally by Jeff’s side, she stroked his arm softly. “Hey love,” He mumbled, eyes slowly opening. “Home already?”

She nodded. “Yeah,” She was whispering. “Zayne wants you to pick the kids up so he can show you this new thing he built on his deck or something.”


Jeff chuckled quietly. “He built something? I do have to see this.” He stared at the two kids sleeping next to him. “Graciela was tired but her room was too dark, so we came here and watched a movie. Looks like we all fell asleep.”


Charlotte let out a small giggle. “They’re so cute when they’re sleeping.”


Jeff shifted slightly, moving Waverly closer to his sister so he could make room for his wife. “Care to join us?”


“I’ll move over mommy,” Graciela said, squinting to see her mother. She pat the spot on the bed next to her.


“Ok, but only for five minutes because Mommy has to do some work for Adele.”


“Ten minutes won’t kill you, Char,” Jeff told her. “Now get over here.” Carefully, she climbed into the bed as not to disturb her sleeping toddler.


“Better than a stupid sleepover,” Graciela mumbled, snuggling up close to her mother.


Charlotte kissed her forehead. “I love you, Sweetheart. Don’t you forget that, okay?”


“I love you too, mom.”


“Me too,” Jeff said. “I love you Charlotte.”


“I love you too,” She whispered, dozing off into a peaceful slumber. A much needed break from the stresses of her everyday life.

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