Marry Me [GracielaxLeon] Drabble

This is NOT canon. PS: Maric is a new guy that we’ll see in gen 6 😛


 “Fuck it – do you wanna get married?”


Graciela blinked. “What? Come again?”
Amusement danced behind Maric’s eyes. “I said..fuck it- do you wanna get married?”


“That’s what I thought you said.” She shut her eyes and leaned into his warm embrace.She recalled the night before, the two didn’t even make it to the bed. They had passed out on the floor, after their third movie. She remembered the feeling of waking up in his arms. Comfort. Security. Protection.  “Are you being serious right now?”


“Hell yeah. Marry me.” She twisted so that she was facing him. He leaned down closer to her, his lips hovering a few inches above her own. He was teasing her, wasn’t he? “Not right now. I know you’ll want to have a ceremony with your family. But, when you’re ready.”


She thought for a moment, a smile growing on her face. “Okay.”


“Okay?” He tilted his head. “Yeah? You’ll marry me?”


She nodded. “Yeah. I’ll marry you.”


“I love you.” The words left his lips tasting dry. He hadn’t thought that he’d ever utter those words again. “I love you,” He said again. “I love you.”


She laughed, tracing his face with her hands. “I love you too.”


“Fuck, I didn’t think you’d say yes.” He pushed his lips on hers fiercely, not wanting her to retract her words. When he pulled away, he looked at her seriously. “I’m sorry it wasn’t that romantic.”


Graciela looked around her. She was in his room. It could have been their room. She shrugged, it wasn’t super romantic, but it got the job done. “Maybe you can just propose to me again, with a ring.”


He raised a brow. “So you want the diamonds, huh?”


“No.” She shook her head. “My dad proposed to my mom twice, three times if you count the time in the middle.” She stopped talking, thinking about her mother. “Anyway, they lasted a really long time.”


“Ok,” Maric said softly, tracing her back with his fingertips. “I’ll propose again.” And then, he kissed her nose.


Leon scratched his head nervously. She was here, in the flesh. In his house. Sitting across from him. His mind was racing. But, this wasn’t how he had wanted to be reunited. “Hi,” was all he could manage.


“Hi,” She whispered, eyes trained on him. Why did she look at him like that?


“I…” He bit his lip. Why was it so hard to speak to her? He wanted to say that he loved her, but instead he deflected. “Heard you were getting married. Is that true?” He tried to fight the crushing sensation he felt within his chest, but it was no use. The thought of Graciela marrying another guy, Maric, of all people made him angry.


“It is,” She whispered. “I’m marrying Maric.”


“I was hoping it wasn’t true,” He muttered. He looked down at his sneakers. it was so hard. Why was it so hard to just tell her? He was watching her fall into another man’s arms because he didn’t have the guts to confess his feelings to her face.


“Why?” She tilted her head to the side. She spoke ever so softly, eyes boring into his soul.


“I thought it was obvious.” He shut his eyes and leaned against the bookcase behind him. Her legs, intertwined with his made his heart beat faster. To her, it was just two friends, but to him, she was everything. “I’ve been in love with you since we were kids.” Wasn’t fighting away the darkness enough for her? What did he have to do to get her to notice him?


“Leon…” Her voice trailed off. But he couldn’t see her face, too afraid to open his eyes and face the truth.


“You don’t mean that. Do you?” Gracie withdrew a breath. She shut her eyes tightly. What could she say in this situation? She was getting married…but Leon…She bit her lip thinking of him. This was the moment she had wanted her whole life, but now that it was here, she didn’t know what to do.


“Why would I lie to you?” Leon looked at her sharply. “I love you, Graciela. From the moment I laid eyes on you and your stupid brother.”


She tried to let out a small laugh, but it was strained. Her heart was beating rapidly, and she tried so desperately to regain her composure. “What am I supposed to do with this?”


“Marry me, not that jackass.” Maric. Leon hated him. What a tool, coming in and parading himself around Graciela. A big, strong, charming vampire…what could he offer Gracie that Leon himself couldn’t?


“I…” She reached out and grabbed his face in  her hands. “You were gone for so long, and now you’re here telling me you love me. Don’t you think it’s a little late?”


“No.” He shook his head. “It’s never too late. I won’t stop fighting. Even if I have to wait forever.”


“Don’t wait for me,” She mumbled. “I didn’t wait for you.”


“I’m not giving up,” he muttered. “Not until it’s me waiting for you at the end of that church.”


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