Dionysus Gen 6 Sneak Peeks [Drabbles]


This is a slight teaser of what to possibly expect for Dio in gen 6 since it’s been pretty quiet with him. 


Lovette watched the orange male massage his temple. She shot her boss a disapproving look. “Who let the hunter in?”


“I don’t hunt. I find. I was asked to find a book and I did.”


“It took you too long, Dionysus. I thought you were the best in the business.”


Dionysus looked at his boss and shrugged. “Yeah, well, you try navigating a war zone. It’s not easy.”


“You helped them,” Lovette said. “We saw. You could have left any time, but you stayed. Isn’t your job to find things?”


“My job,” Dionysus began. “Is none of your concern. You’re not the one paying me.”


“I’m the one who has to make sure you stay on track, and it didn’t look like you did, Dionysus. To me, it looked like you were back to your old ways.”


He balled his hand into a fist. “That doesn’t have anything to do with you.”


“I’m just saying, I thought you left for a reason. But, you keep on crawling back to the past.” Lovette leaned lazily against the white arm chair, awaiting her boss’ next instructions.


“Lovette, stand down.”


She nodded. “Yes, my lord.”


“I have another job for you, Dionysus. If you’re smart, you’ll take it and you’ll be quick about it.”


Dionysus took in a deep breath and nodded. “Just give me the details and it’s done.”


Night sat down with his head leaned against his hand. Life was monotonous without Scarlett. It wasn’t fair, he should have been gone with her. They should have been dead together. That was Imaginary Friend code, was it not? They bonded with a human and when that human died they were supposed to die. He didn’t. He was alive, he could feel the blood running through his veins. Not aging and immortal without her… “You had no right to do this to me,” Night spat.


Dionysus seemed amused. “For the last time, I didn’t do this to you. You broke the bond yourself somehow.”


“That;s not possible, I-” Night was raising his voice, preparing for yet another verbal fight.


“Dad,” Alistair said sharply. “It’s possible. People can transfer bonds, ask Alistair. He’s seen it happen before.”


Night shut his mouth and closed his eyes. “This can’t be happening right now. I need to see her.”


“Dad, she’s dead. Get over it.”


“Get over it?” Night was on the verge of tears he was so angry. “I can’t just get over it! I knew your mother since she was born! We were bonded…she was my soul mate.”


Dionysus frowned and shifted his weight. “Love is a perilous thing. You can love someone so much, and still that can never be enough.”


“It’s not fair,” Alistair muttered. “I miss Lucy. I miss mom too. I’m sorry dad. I know it’s not easy watching the woman you love age while you stay young. I will never know my child because of this.”


“Me neither,” Dionysus muttered, feeling the hole burrow into his heart. “But that’s the past. We have other things to attend to. The reason why I asked you both to come here.

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