Don’t Leave Me Behind [CharxJeff]



“Don’t leave me behind.” Probably not canon, who knows? Based on a comment @dandylion240 left on one of the newer AGW chapters! 


Charlotte struggled from beneath Jeff’s weight. “Get off of me!” She could have easily flung the human off of her, if she wanted to. But, she wouldn’t ever risk hurting him.


“No,” He said, pinning her arms to her sides. “You’re not leaving me.”


“I am!” She cried back, nudging him lightly in the gut with her knee. “I’m going. I have to!”


“You’re so selfish,” He replied, trying to hold his emotions together. “You tell me I have to stay alive, so that you can run off?”


She was beginning to tear up. “Our daughter is in danger! I’m the only one who can save her! Please, just let me go.”


“No,” He repeated again, this time a sense of desperation in his voice. “Don’t leave me behind.” Tears began to fall from his eye lids. “It’s not fair. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You don’t get to just leave me. We don’t have that much time together.”


“Because of you,” She whispered. “You won’t take the potion. Now do you know how it feels? To want to leave before the person who loves you is ready? I won’t ever be able to let you go. But the difference between me and you is that I’m doing this for my daughter, the one that is alive right now. You will not stop me.”


Jeff forcefully placed his lips against hers, hoping that with all his passion and all his might, she would somehow change her mind and stay. His grip on her hands loosened, and she wrapped her arms around him tightly, pulling him down to the ground so that they were lying on top of each other. Her hands made their way up to his bun, and she let his hair down. He did the same to her. The two locked in a passionate grip, hoping to get the other to understand just how much they needed them. Pulling away, Jeff whispered once again, “Don’t leave me behind.”

“You can’t come with me.” Because she loved him too much to let anything happen to him. “But I won’t ever leave you behind.”


These two drabbles are not consecutive, and are meant to be read separately.


Jeff forced his wife up against the wall. “The kids,” She murmured.


“Are at school,” He whispered back. “Have you forgotten?”


“Mhmm.” She let him hoist her up, and she wrapped her legs around his waist. “Almost forgot what it was like not having to worry if the kids would walk in on us.”


Jeffrey looked at his wife and took in her features. Her beautiful pale skin, the dark bags under her eyes, the messy bun she always wore…She didn’t care what she looked like, that’s what he loved the most about her. How effortless she made being a parent look like. Even in her pajamas, she was gorgeous. “I love you.”


“I know,” She whispered, now wrapping her arms around his neck. She leaned her head in the crook of his neck. “Please don’t leave.”


“I’m not leaving,” He replied.


“You know what I mean,” She replied. “Don’t die. Our kids need you. I need you.”


“How many times do we have to have this conversation, Charlotte?” He asked, anger rising within him. “It’s my decision.”


“I love you!” She cried out desperately. “The thought of running out of time…my grandpa, my dad…they both lost out on so much time! You have the option and you’re passing it up.”


He pushed his lips passionately into hers. He loved her. He loved her passions. He loved how dedicated she was to the relationship. He loved how much she cared. Only she could make him waver, make him unsure of what he was so determined to do. Pulling away, he leaned his forehead on hers. “Why do you do this to me? Why is it that you make it so hard to turn away?”


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