Baby Fever [MilliexZayne]


“I have baby fever,” Zayne whispered as he watched the children frolic around the huge park.


“Oh no you don’t,” Millie said firmly. “No more kids. We have two girls and another little one on the way.”


Zayne rubbed her belly softly. “Do you think it’s a boy or a girl?”


“I hope it’s a boy who looks just as handsome as you,” Millie said with a small smile. “He’d be so handsome.”


“I was thinking the same thing. He would make a handsome kid.”


“Zayne!” Millie cried, hitting his arm. “At least pretend that you’re complimenting me.”


“You already know how I feel about you,” Zayne said. “Do I have to beat it like a dead horse?”


“Why would you beat a dead horse?”


“It’s just a saying, babe.”


Millie nodded. “Yes, I know that. But why? I don’t get it.”


Zayne laughed before placing his lips firmly on hers. It didn’t matter, all that he cared about was the woman in his arms and the kids playing happily behind them.


Zayne Thompson was made by @dandylion240

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