A Graying World Side Stories (New Info: Please Read)

I am currently working on three side stories that have to do with A Graying World! They’re all being posted on a side blog so that I can save the pic space on here for the main legacy.


On this side blog I’ll be doing rewrites, origin stories, alternate universes and side stories! 



A Graying World Retold

Relive generation one of A Graying World. Completely rewritten and revamped!


House Draknar

This is the origin story for some of the characters that you see in generation 6. Who exactly is Dragos? Briella? Also, find out about Dionysus’ past!


The Academy

This is a side story and collab with Dandylion240. Follow Audric’s new Academy for young dimension travelers. Find out what Zinnia, Audric and Pandora are up to in an attempt to save their dimension!


I am also writing this other story currently, which is why I haven’t updated this blog in a while:


Safe Harbor

A zombie apocalypse themed bachelorette challenge!



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