More Graciela and Leon Drabbles

These were all requested on my tumblr!


“After everything we’ve been through, you still don’t think that I love you?”

Graciela laid on the ground, Leon’s body hovering over hers. “What are you thinking about?” He asked. Being reunited with the girl he loved was a wonderful feeling.


“You. Me.” Graciela looked away from his gaze and frowned.


“What is it?” Leon asked. Graciela was practically lying on his lap and hadn’t even attempted to move.


“I keep thinking that I’ll open my eyes and you’ll be with that other girl. That maybe somehow this is a joke and I’m really meant to be with Maric. I don’t deserve you. I’m a freak who destroys everything she touches. Maybe you should leave now before I hurt you too.”


“I’m never leaving you if I don’t have to,” Leon said. “I love you. I’ll tell you until the day I die. I love you. I love you. I love you.”


“You don’t,” Graciela whispered. “How can you?”


“After everything we’ve been through, you still don’t think that I love you?” Leon asked. “There’s no one else I’d give everything up for. I’ve been in love with you since the minute I laid eyes on you in the forests near Fortitude. You’re stuck with me.”


Graciela could feel the tears welling in her eyes. “You’re making a mistake.”


Leon shook his head. “You’re the only thing in my life that hasn’t been a mistake.”


“This isn’t goodbye.”

Graciela inhaled Leon’s scent. He wore a subdued cologne that lingered in her nostrils. She remembered it well. Had he worn it all these years? “You cant leave. I just found you.” Graciela whispered.


Leon smiled up at her, grabbing onto her hand. “This isn’t goodbye any more than when I left to go to boarding school.”


“But you’re leaving, and I don’t want you too…” Graciela’s voice trailed off. “Isn’t there something I can do? Can I come with you?”


Leon shook his head. “You promised those people you’d help them save our dimension. That’s the most important thing. Save out families, and then I’ll come back.”


“She’s my mom!” Graciela cried, grabbing onto Leon’s arm. “Let me do it.”


Leon leaned forward and kissed Graciela’s forehead. “You’re needed here. You have the entirety of the Gray family history within your mind. I promise…I’m coming back.”


“What if you don’t?” Graciela cried. “What if I never see you again?”


“Impossible. You’re the darkness to my light. We’re meant to be together. Not even the heavens could stop that from happening.” He leaned in and placed a tender kiss on Graciela’s lips, hoping that he was right and this wouldn’t be another goodbye.



Graciela’s temper was short. Leon knew that. He also knew she was an insecure person who needed constant validation. He was always patient with her. Today would be no different. “Why are you here?” She cried. “Shouldn’t you be with her? That girl I saw you with?”


“Fawn?” Leon asked calmly. “Or, was it Angelica? Either way, neither of them mean to me what you do. Both of them were just replacements for you.”




“Not bullshit,” Leon said, grabbing hold of the irate girl’s arms. “You will always be the number one girl in my life. Haven’t I made that clear already? I would choose being with you for five minutes than being with them for an eternity. They don’t make me feel the way that you make me feel.”


“She was pretty. She looked like a model, and she was human. She didn’t have this ugly pale tint to her skin and her hair was straight with no waves….”


“First of all, my favorite thing about you is that you’re not human. Fawn is a great girl, but she doesn’t understand the things we’ve been through. You do. And never ever say you aren’t beautiful again. I love your pale skin and your wavy hair.”


“Then why…if you loved me so much why go to them?” Graciela asked quietly.


“I thought you had made up your mind on Maric. I didn’t know you were going to choose me.” Leon frowned too. “I for sure thought that you had given up on me and wouldn’t keep looking.”


“Never,” Graciela said softly. “I’ll always look for you. I don’t think I can stop.”


“Well, good.” Leon leaned down to kiss the girl. “I don’t think I can either.”


“I care about you.” 

Graciela looked up at Leon, an aching in her heart. “I don’t understand, why are you here? You can live a good life without me.”


“Graciela, I care about you. Don’t you get it? Would I do all of this for anyone else?” Leon stroked her hair. “I wouldn’t.”


“Those other girls…”


“Are in the past,” Leon finished for her. “They’re not important to me. You are.”


“This has to be a dream, right?” She closed her eyes, enjoying his warmth. “I open my eyes and you’re gone again.”


“I’ll only be leaving one more time,” Leon said. “And then we can live the life we’ve always wanted. The two of us.”


“You’ll finally marry me?” Graciela mused.


“Hell yeah.” Leon leaned down and placed a kiss on her lips. “Then we’ll have a beautiful family of our own. Just give me a little more time.”

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