Does Love Conquer All? [CharxJeff] [AlistairxCallen] Drabbles


Charlotte stood by the kitchen table, placing the utensils for dinner that night. No one would be home for another few hours, yet she insisted on getting up from bed and setting the place up. Jeffrey had thought it was because Charlotte was just bored being in bed all day. Charlotte had become sick when she gave birth to not one, but two humans. The most she could do at first was sit up. Now she was able to move around the house for a few hours before having to retire back to bed.


“It’s only Callen and Alistair, they won’t mind if the table isn’t set,” Jeffrey said, coming into the room. “Save your energy.”


“For what?” Charlotte asked angrily. “I can’t do much.”


“I know you hate it,” Jeff said. “But given some time I know you’ll bounce back in no time.”


“Look at me!” Charlotte cried out. “I’m gaining weight, there are bags under my eyes, I can’t even be bothered to put on nice clothes like I used to! I let myself go.”


Jeffrey frowned. “What are you talking about? You’re as beautiful as you were when we first met.”


“Cut the crap,” Charlotte snapped. “I know I’m undesirable. You don’t even come upstairs as much anymore…”


“Because I want you to rest!” Jeff argued. He approached his wife and gently pushed her so that she was leaning against the table and he was hovering over her. “Say something else like that. I dare you. I love you with all of my heart. If things are strained, I’m sorry. We’ll fix it, but don’t insinuate that I don’t find you desirable. Because you are the sexiest woman in the entire world. You always will be.”


She looked up at him, tears brimming her eyes. “You’re just saying that because you know I’ll get angry…”


He slammed his lips against hers with as much passion as he could muster. When he pulled away, he kissed her forehead. “That proof enough for you?”


Charlotte stood by the door, waving to her father as he and Callen left. They seemed happy, though a bit tense. It was clear that they were fighting their feelings for each other. Both had been burned and neither wanted to give too much too early. Jeffrey turned to unlock the door and let his wife in when he saw that same pained expression from earlier. “What is it, love?”


She looked away from him. “You have no right to tell my dad about how I’m feeling.”


“You heard?” Jeff frowned. He had thought he was being sneaky. Nothing got passed Charlotte. “I want you to be happy. You don’t look as vibrant as you used to. It’s not the lack of energy, it’s something else. It feels like you’ve given up.”


“How dare you!” She argued angrily. “I haven’t given up on anything.”


“Well, I’m still not sorry for speaking my mind. I’m not apologizing anymore. I need you to look in the mirror and ask yourself if you’ve given up. On us. Me and you.” He took a step back towards the door. “It seems like I’m trying. It’s like…Lisa all over again. I give and give and give. You…I cut you some slack because of the babies…”


“YOU did this to me!” Charlotte cried. Then she held her heart. “No. Wait, I didn’t mean that. I’m sorry. I love you. I really do.”


She reached out to touch him and Jeff grabbed her arm. “I love you so much, and I have no doubt that you love me too. It’s just…we keep putting our family first and forget about us. Promise we’ll work on that.”


Charlotte sniffled but leaned into him. “I promise.”


The ride home from Charlotte’s house was tense. Callen had pulled up to Alistair’s house with a sigh. “I suppose this is where we part ways?”


Alistair ran a hand through his hair. “Wouldn’t that be best? I know you’ve got work early tomorrow and Braylen lives with you now…”


“Forget about work,” Callen said. He and Alistair stood by the door of Alistair’s home. “And Braylen is old enough. He doesn’t need us to babysit him. He realizes that we’re seeing each other. So, let me in.” Callen pointed to the front door. “Please?”


Alistair fumbled with the keys despite his hands shaking. “Okay, come on in. If you don’t mind.”


Alistair led the man inside and frowned. “Love doesn’t conquer all, right?”


“Of course it does,” Callen said carefully. “What gives you that idea? Your daughter and her husband today?”


Alistair simply shrugged. “I know fights happen but…when is true love enough? When does love beat circumstances?”


Callen had heard enough for today. He had been dealing with Alistair pushing him away all evening. Callen closed the gap between the two, grabbing onto Alistair’s shoulders. “That man, Jeffrey, he’s giving it his all because he loves your daughter. You can see it in his eyes. But Charlotte is just like you. You’re holding back. Stop it.”


Alistair inhaled sharply. “What do you expect from me? You knew I was damaged goods when you came into my life. I made that more than clear to you.”


Callen pushed Alistair backwards, pinning the man against a painting that hung on the wall. “I’m damaged goods too. Except, I’m willing to let you in. Despite everything I’ve been through, I’m not holding back. Luke wouldn’t want me to.”


“It’s different. Luke didn’t betray you. Declan tore my family apart. So forgive me if I’m a bit hesitant,” Alistair said.


“I know you’re afraid. Trust me, no one understands that more than I do. But I want to make this work between us. I don’t want to be like that last guy for you. Just a booty call. I want you to lean on me. And if you feel like you can’t give it your best effort then fine, cut me loose. Save me the heartbreak later on, alright?”


Alistair hesitated for a moment before leaning forward and kissing Callen. When they pulled away, Alistair’s arms hung loosely around the man’s neck. “I wouldn’t bring a booty call to my daughter’s house to have dinner with my grandkids.”


“You have a special family,” Callen whispered. “Thank you for bringing me today. I know that was a big step for us.”


Alistair looked up at the man, still afraid to admit that what he felt was love. So instead of saying it out loud, he leaned up and kissed Callen again.

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