New Bachelor Challenge: LOOKING FOR SIMS

Hi there! I have a new video game thmed bachelorette challenge that I will be doing this summer. Please consider sending me a sim.
Brief overview:

Lucina Faire is a video game blogger with almost no traction on her blog. She posts the occasional Let’s Play, but what she really does is critique and review all sorts of video games. Some call Lucina obsessed with the virtual entertainment, but she calls them haters too afraid to try a video game. Because surely, if you hate video games you must not have tried them right? Whether it’s virtual reality, a pc multiplayer game or a rich story driven narrative on consoles, Lucina is ready. When the producers of a new nerdy webshow said they were looking for a game to star in their nerdy love extravaganza, Lucina entered with her 22 minute critique of the ending of Mass Effect 3. She must have won someone over, because here she is. Ready to ditch her mundane life for an even bigger adventure.

For more information on the BC, Lucina and to submit a sim, visit the main blog where I will be posting the updates. Please note the website is still a work in progress. Visit it here.

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