[R] 6.12 Empty and Hollow


Tommy crossed his arms over his chest, glaring at the woman who sat on the couch in front of him. “If looks could kill someone such as me, I’d surely be dead,” Enyo said, a look of amusement in her eyes. “Are you sure this is the one who you wish to keep over me while I’m here?”


“It’s not my fault you wasted so much power trying to block dear old uncle,” Dionysus scoffed at his sister. “But I guess now we know what plagues Graciela. Anyway, yes. Tommy is going to deal with you because I have a class to teach.”


“So do I?” Tommy asked, raising a brow. “We share the class. I’ve been here longer.”


“Yes, but Sophina won’t let me shirk my duties so easily. She…” Dionysus shut his eyes tightly and exhaled loudly. “She and I have a past that you wouldn’t quite understand yet. I know I’m asking a lot of you, but if you do this for me I will take you to your father.”


“My dad?” Tommy asked, his breath catching in his throat. “That’s not a farse? You actually know him? What proof do you have?”


Rolling his eyes, Dionysus chucked his phone at the man. “Check my pictures. I was just at his house recently with Graciela. You could be a part of that if you just help me.”


Enyo watched curiously as Tommy’s frown deepened. He scrolled through the pictures, letting out an angry sigh. “That’s hardly fair, Dio. Don’t wager his family to babysit me.” She shook her head. “I know it has been centuries since I’ve seen you, but surely you can’t hold something so precious over this man’s head.” 


“Yeah she’s right,” Tommy scoffed. “You can’t prevent me from seeing my own father because I won’t help you. Hardly seems fair.”


Seeing both sets of eyes on him, disappointment in Enyo and anger in Tommy’s, Dionysus let out a sigh. “Hardly fair at all, especially for your father.  But, I need someone to watch over my sister so that Sophina and Briella don’t get suspicious. If they find her here, they’re going to ask questions.”


“And rightfully so!” Tommy cried defiantly. “You just got here a few days ago and you’re asking me to lie to the people who took me and my family in. I can’t do that.”


“Allow me to explain,” Enyo said cautiously,  crossing her legs over each other. “Graciela Gray, that young girl with the white and blue hair, has a very rare affliction that I must take care of. Things beyond supernatural elements are in play here. Telling you anymore could be dangerous right now.”


“So I just accept that then?” Tommy asked. “It sounds like a lame excuse. I’m going to tell Sophina about this and if what you say about Graciela is true, my superiors can help her. That’s why she’s here.”


“Okay,” Enyo said with a shrug. “That’s your decision to make, but they can’t do anything to keep me here once my strength is recharged and I won’t cooperate.”


“Them knowing is enough,” Tommy muttered. He glared at Dionysus. “I’ll also tell Sophina to keep you away from the kids, since you want to pull a stunt like this.”


Dionysus let out a grunt of annoyance. “I’m not the bad guy here. But if you want to be difficult, then I’ll have to oblige you.” 


Stirring, Graciela’s hand flew to her head. When she opened her eyes, she saw two concerned purple orbs looking down at her. “Oh good, you’re awake. Are you hurt?”


“I…” Graciela shut her eyes and then opened them again to make sure that what she was seeing was real. “Leon? What the hell happened?”


“You passed out,” The boy replied with a small frown. “Dionysus brought you to your room and I came to make sure you were alright. I didn’t leave your side. So, are you okay?” She could see the worry in his eyes, and for a moment she had forgotten about her hatred for him. “How are you feeling?” She struggled to sit up but with the boy’s help she was able to lean against the wall. She was indeed in her room, but what had happened before she had gotten here? Things were…fuzzy.


“My mouth is dry,” Graciela muttered. “My chest kind of hurts. It feels like something is…missing? I feel empty.” She placed her arms around herself. “Doesn’t feel as good as I thought it would. Being hollow, I mean.”


“That’s what you wanted?” Leon asked, leaning over to grab onto her hand. She didn’t fight him off. Instead, she watched him listlessly. “To be completely empty? Do you think that will make things better?”


“Why not?” She mumbled, leaning her head on the wall. “If there’s nothing inside, there’s nothing that can hurt me.”


“If there’s nothing inside, there’s nothing that can make you happy either,” Leon murmured. “Your friends, your family, your memories…all in your heart. We can’t let anyone take that from you, because then you’re no longer Graciela Gray and the world needs her.”


“For what, Leon?” Graciela asked. “What does the world need me for? To be the carrier of this stupid voice? What kind of difference does that make?” She clutched the bedsheets and let out a strangled cry. “Where are you now? You dumb voice! I know you’re there!” But, the voice didn’t respond, even as the tears fell from Graciela’s face. She didn’t know what was bringing on these emotions. Perhaps, the amplified feelings of the unknown. “I’m not happy, Leon.”


“I know,” He mumbled.  “And I’m sorry that I wasn’t there to make sure that you were.” He shook his head, letting his bangs slap his forehead. “I should have called more. I should have visited. I should have…”


“You should have told me the truth,” Graciela replied. “That I’m a burden you don’t want to deal with. That’s it, isn’t it? You were always saving me. Now, you’ve got your own life and it must feel great not to have my problems dumped on you.”


“Are you serious” Leon asked, incredulously. “You’re everything to me. Hanging out with you was never a burden. Me, I’m the burden. I’m the one with the stupid powers that will hurt you. I’m…” His voice trailed off as he heard knocking on the door. 


“Graciela?” The female voice called out. “It’s Winter and Maric. We heard what happened and we wanted to make sure that you’re doing okay! We brought food from the cafe and today’s notes from class.” 


The door slammed open, revealing a smirking Maric standing in the door frame. “Figured why bother knocking if you’re bedridden anyway?” His eyes settled onto Leon but he rolled his eyes. “Of course you’re here. You bothering her?”


“He is,” Graciela stated coldly, watching Leon’s face fall. She had wanted him to feel the painful rejection that she had felt when she heard that he was the one who had deliberately chosen to ignore her. “Please leave. I need my rest.”


“You heard the girl,” Maric replied smugly, crossing his arms over his chest. “She needs her rest.”


“I hardly see how she’ll get rest with the two of you here as well,” Leon mumbled, but he was already standing up. “We should all leave.”


“Great idea,” Winter said, cutting between the two boys who she knew were about to argue. “We’ll just leave the notes from class here. When you’ve copied them, you can return them to me. You know, Maric doesn’t take any notes. Any good notes at least.”


“But I can help in other ways. Just let me know if you need me to bring you anything. I’m just a phone call away.” Maric took one more glance at Leon before backing up towards the door. “Anything at all, Gray.”


“Thanks,” She mumbled, focusing her gaze on the neutral force in the room, Winter. “I just want to speak to Dio, that’s it. If someone can go find him, that would be the best right now.”


“I can,” Leon said quickly. Maybe rather too quickly. “He said he needed to do something but I’m sure he’s done by now and will be happy to see you up.”


“If you need me to stay Graciela, do let me know.” Winter bowed her head to the girl but could see she really wanted nothing more than to be alone. “Like Maric said, I’m just a phone call away. Any of us are.” Graciela nodded, and the girl took that to mean she was seeing them out. “Come on boys, lets let the lady rest.”


Once the door was closed and Leon was sure the trio was out of earshot, he glared at Maric. “What’s your problem, dude?”


“What problem?” Maric asked with a smirk. “I have no problem. Seems to me that you’re the one with the problem.”


“You didn’t have to come into the room like that. I was with Graciela since Dio brought her back. He told me to watch her.” Leon frowned. “It almost felt like we were making progress.”


“I spoke to her before all of this happened and it doesn’t seem like she’s interested in you, Leon. That’s just a pipe dream of yours. You may as well stick to Tera. She seems to likes you. Besides, your relationship with Graciela is weird. You’re obsessed.”


“Hey, chill.” Winter glared at her classmate and fellow vampire. “We don’t know the relationship that the two of them have. They were childhood friends.”


“Yeah well they’re not kids anymore,” Maric replied coldly. “He should get that hint and move on.”


“Why do you care so much?” Winter challenged. “You just met Graciela. You can’t really be interested in dating her.”


“Dating, no.” Maric shook his head. “But I am interested in her. She’s different. I like it.” He turned his pointed gaze to Leon. “She’s not pathetic, like you. Sitting here, fawning over someone who doesn’t want to be gawked at.”


“Okay that’s enough!” Winter cried out, grabbing the vampire’s arm. “Control yourself or Ms. Sophina is going to hear about it. Leon, go get Dio and we’ll go the complete opposite direction.”


“Right.” Leon nodded, cheeks red from embarrassment. “Thanks, Winter.”

One thought on “[R] 6.12 Empty and Hollow

  1. Well I kind of agree with Maric. Leon is coming across a bit pathetic and stalkerish. I get that he wants to make amends but maybe wait until she wants to talk to him. Also Dio! You can’t hold someone’s family as hostage to make someone do as you want! Although Tommy shouldn’t just run off to Sophina either. So far none of them seem all that trustworthy and that includes Dio unfortunately.

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