1.23 Surprise!

Sorry for the wait! Enjoy!

Athena had called Levi as soon as she found out. She was once again pregnant.

“Another little one in our lives? Noah and Caleb will be so excited!” Levi exclaimed.

“And Elliot and Bruce! I haven’t told anyone yet!” Athena grinned.

“I love you so much, Baby. I hope we have a little girl this time. I’ve already picked out a name. Daisy, a delicate and pretty flower.”

“Aww Levi!” Athena gushed. Her hormones made her even more emotional than before. “That was so sweet!”

Noah was a crawler. He hated being in his crib, unlike his older brother. He was curious and wanted to know everything. He especially loved hanging around the boys. He would sometimes just crawl into their room, even if they weren’t there, and hang out.  Neither Elliot or Caleb seemed to mind. Mainly because Elliot seemed to sleep more than he was awake and Caleb was always playing with puzzle. (Elliot and Caleb had to share a room because they were running out of space in the house. Athena had no idea where she would put this coming baby. Noah’s crib was already placed in the living room.)

He would even crawl into his grandfather’s room and watch Elliot and Levi play video games. They always tried to get him to play no matter how many times Athena explained that Noah was a toddler and did not know how to speak, let alone hold a controller.

Athena had been spending most of her free time watching children’s television with Caleb. He loved cartoons. She felt bad that she didn’t have as much time for Caleb as she used to because of Noah and she was feeling especially guilty with another child on the way. She was constantly reminding Caleb that she was there for him no matter what.

Caleb was growing up and forgetting all about his best friend, puzzle. When he wasn’t hanging out with Athena watching cartoons, he was with Elliot and Levi playing games, or outside hanging out in the playground Levi had “built” just for him. [He’d have to share with Noah but Levi claimed Caleb would forget it was “his” when he was older. She hoped so.]

Caleb had finally outgrew Puzzle and handed her over to Noah. Noah slept peacefully with Puzzle by his side.

Or so Athena had thought. One day, Caleb had come to her for advice.

“Mom, I miss Puzzle a lot. I know I gave her to Noah, but I want her back.”

“Caleb, Sweetie, Noah likes puzzle just as much as you.”

“I know. Thats why I’m upset. I don’t want to take her from him because she likes him too. But, I don’t have anyone to talk to anymore. Uncle Elliot goes to sleep when he comes home from work, and I don’t see him until the weekends and when I get up to get ready for school. Dad goes to work when I come home from school, grandpa doesn’t like TV and I don’t want to take you away from what you’re doing because Dad says that your housework is important.”

Athena felt a pang of guilt. She had realized Caleb was getting less attention but she didn’t realize how lonely he really. “Housework is important, Caleb, but not as important as you. If you’re feeling lonely, you can come to me. Now, what about your friends from school? Wouldn’t it be great if you invited them over for a sleepover this weekend?” 

“Really!? You mean it? They can come over!? I can’t wait to tell them when I get to school!” Caleb grinned.

They were running low on space as it was, but she was sure his friends wouldn’t care about the clutter and he seemed like he really needed this sleepover.

After the news about the sleepover, Caleb seemed less anxious about puzzle. He was spending more time with Noah. Noah thought peekaboo was the greatest game on earth. They became best friends instantly. Athena knew that Caleb and Noah would have a very special bond throughout their lives.

 Levi wanted to be the one to teach Noah to walk.

It was honestly the cutest thing. It took a lot of patience, but Noah was finally able to walk around the house instead of crawl! Next up was to teach him how to talk.

Athena had been so preoccupied that she actually forgot to tell Erin the news. She figured she’d tell her in person. There was a restaurant she had wanted to try out and it was a beautiful day out, so the two met up there.

Athena! You’re pregnant again! Oh my gosh!” Erin squealed. “You’re glowing!”

“I’ve been stuffing my face with just about everything during this pregnancy. But other than that, it’s been a smooth pregnancy.”

“Three children? Thats great! Is Caleb excited?”

“He always asks when he’s getting another brother. I mean, I hope its a girl but I’ll be happy either way.” 

The two talked like that for awhile until they were seated outside.

The lady behind them was freaking out as Athena had stopped eating and clutched her stomach.

“Are you ok?” Erin asked.

“I just have these cramps…” Athena groaned. “Oh no! Its definitely not just cramps! I’m having the baby!”

Erin jumped up from her seat. “Everything will be ok! We have to get you to the hospital!”

“Call Levi!” Athena yelled.

Erin had called Levi and he came to pick up Athena. Erin waited in the waiting room for a couple of hours until Levi told her to go home and get some rest. He’s let her know if anything went wrong. The exhausted Erin couldn’t refuse and went home to sleep. They stayed in the hospital for a few days.

Athena had twins! She finally got the daughter she wanted and the extra brother that Caleb wanted. Daisy and Kayden Gray. “Oh boy, three boys and a girl. I was not expecting this at all.”

Levi had called Bruce and let him know about the twins. He made him swear to keep it a surprise from the boys. In the meantime, Bruce had hired someone to move in the new cribs that were bought. They had to remove the couch and television from the garage in order to make room for the new babies. Athena loved the cribs. She just wished they had enough money and space to have a nursery. Elliot had came into the room wondering why they were being so secretive.

“Twins!?” He exclaimed, shocked.

“We weren’t expecting them either.” Levi shook his head.

“But we love them both. The house will be a little more crowded but, it’s worth it.” Athena smiled.

“Do you think I can hold one?” Elliot asked sheepishly.

“Of course. This angel’s name is Daisy.” Athena handed him her daughter.

Elliot suddenly melted with the precious little girl in his arms. “I haven’t held Noah or Caleb when they were newborn. She is precious.”

Levi was laughing at Elliot who just glared in return.

“Hey, shut up Levi. You wanted to name her Daisy because it was delicate and pretty!” Athena grinned. Elliot smirked. “Look at you two idiots, falling in love with my daughter.” 

“She’s precious. I can already tell she is going to be a daddy’s girl.” Elliot smiled.

It was nearing five o’clock and Caleb had just come home from boy scouts. He had received a badge and was anxious to show it off to his parents.

“I caught the most fish today at scouts! Look, I got a badge!” Caleb grinned happily.

“Right on, little man! Thats awesome! The best in your scout group huh?” Levi gave him a fist bump.

“Yeah! You should have seen the other kids! They were all cheering me on!” 

“Thats so great Caleb! I’m so proud of you!” Athena smiled and hugged him.

He leaned over to see his new sibling. “Did I get a brother or a sister?” 

Well…both honey.” Athena smiled and led him to the cribs. “This is your brother Kayden and your sister Daisy.” 

“No way! Two siblings!? Can this day get any better?” Caleb grinned.

I actually really wanted a girl in the gray household so I had Athena eat some watermelon and watch Kidz Zone to increase the chances of having twins. She managed to still get a boy. Poor little Daisy will be outnumbered with all of the boys in the house!

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