5.50 Faltering Dimensions [And a Poll For Gen 6!]


Quinn sat perched atop her bed. Sleep…it was something she never did anymore. She didn’t have to. She had lost that privilege along with her humanity long ago. What was it? Centuries ago? For all she remembered, it could have been mere decades. She lost track a while ago. She stretched her arms over her head. Quinn was awaiting a visitor. One that was long overdue. Outstretching her arms, she pulled up a map of the dimension she had been tasked with watching over. What good that did…it was practically obliterated, and continuing to destroy itself at a rapid pace. She preferred the paper maps, where she had marked each hole created within the dimension. “Fertility.” She laughed to herself. When she was first given the dimension, it was because it had been suffering from substantial population loss. She was given the power of fertility to help the population from dying out. It helped…to a point. But now, the problem wasn’t under population. She didn’t have the skills to rescue something so..chaotic. At least, she didn’t think so.


When she heard the knock on the door she let out a small breath. “Audric, you do not have to knock. ow long have we known each other, dear?”


“It would be impolite to barge in, my lady.” Audric bowed as he entered Quinn’s sanctuary. “I like what you did with the place.”


“Thank you, I’ve only had…so many days to fix it up. If I’m going to be staying here for a while, I might as well make it home.” Unlike his massive Castle, Quinn opted for a much smaller confined space. He would never understand why. The small space would make him jittery just thinking about it. She stood up and led him to her couch. “I’ve been expecting you.”


“Have you? Considering the status of both of our dimensions, I can understand why.” Audric followed her and sat down on the cream colored sofa. “Things do not look good for either of us.”


“No, it does not. Does it?” She tilted her head to the side. “I assume Zayne Thompson has filled you in on what was happening, or was it Jeffrey Bennett? I’ve noticed their disappearance from my dimension, even if they’ve already passed away here.”


“Mr. Bennett was not my doing. It was a human man by the name of Mason Moon. He is working with me now, so he will not be a bother any longer.”


“He was never a bother to begin with, Audric.” She looked at him seriously. “I don’t know much about your dimension, but no human has taken from me. Twice I had breaches in my dimension from yours. You should have asked my permission. I would have granted it, if you gave me a good reason.”


“If isn’t good enough for me. Pardon my rudeness, but I needed Zayne. He is the one who can give me detailed information about how life is on your dimension.”


“Was, actually. Zayne is already dead in my dimension. He is no good to you right now, if that’s the case because he would be relaying to you, the past and not the present that is currently happening. You took him to anger this human, I bet. Maybe to one up him? You are wrong. It was not a human who took Mr. Bennett but a vampire.  A very smart one. I’ve never seen someone who was not a dimension watcher or a time keeper. I would keep an eye on him if I were you. His interference may be the downfall of both of our dimensions before their times.”



Altiere ran his hand through his lilac hair. “I know just the group of vampires causing the trouble. Altiere has been around as long as I have. I knew him when I was on the ground. Err, living as a mortal, I mean. If only I knew his theories and convultued plans would turn out to be this lethal. He has become quite powerful and heads a rather large group of very good liars. Mages, werewolves and fae alike.”


“Can you not vanquish him?” She asked, tilting her head. “It should be an easy task for you. He may be playing with dimensions but he is not stronger than you, surely.”


“Of course I could, but I am not allowed.”


“He is destroying your dimension, you should very much be allowed to!” Quinn exclaimed. She was always formal around Audric, as if her being relaxed would offend him somehow.


“He resides in Moonlight Falls. Even if he moves to another world, his stronghold must be destroyed. I cannot set foot into the damned place because that is where I was granted my immortality by the council. You know we can’t intervene in a place we may have bias with. I am trying to get the Grays to help. But I just cannot get them to the power level they need. They are no match for dimension shifting. This is alarming.”


“If I can help, I will. I don’t fear the council. Surely, they’ve seen the damage done on my dimension already and have still not stepped in to reprimand me.” She flipped her green hair over her shoulders. “Just name it.”


“Advice,” Audric said calmly. “How would you approach this?”


“I’d need more info, honestly. The man has a big following, you said?”


“According to Mason, yeah. As you can imagine, my knowledge of Moonlight Falls prior to my awakening has been limited. I don’t know what happened and can only rely on hearsay. If I recall correctly, he has two vampires,a human and a mage with him in Moonlight Falls. But Mason has said that there are others. A werewolf, two fairies, and a few mages.”


“How reliable is this Mason character?” She asked. “He wouldn’t have any reason to lie to you, would he?”


“He would, yes. But, I’d like to take him on his word this once. It is better to be safe than sorry, is it not?”


She nodded. “I have to think about this. Give me a few days, I’m sure I can help formulate at least a coherent strategy if not a full blown plan.”


Audric smiled. “I can see why you were chosen as watcher.”


“I wish I was not,” She answered honestly. “Don’t you?”


Audric didn’t hesitate. “I hate it currently, yes. But, without this opportunity I would have missed out on a lot.”


She motioned to her near empty suite. “It can get very lonely here. I don’t have a confidant to turn to. Your situation seems to be a least a little bit better than mine.”


“I…” Audric hesitated for a moment. Quinn was probably the only person he could ask about this. “You wouldn’t know anything about relationships, would you?”


“Relationships?” She asked. “Like romantic relationships? Or friendships?”


“Romantic…it’s not possible to be watcher and love someone is it?” Audric frowned.


“I’d like to think that it is very possible. The rules stated are obvious but the council doesn’t seem to be acting on any of them.”


“You’re much too lenient. That’s probably why your dimension is in the shambles it is. I cannot afford to have the council on my back when I know I can turn this whole thing around.”


“Is he or she a human?” Quinn ignored his outburst. “You must care for them a lot to become this angry.”


“I love her, but she must not care for me,” Audric said finally. “I have been away for what equates to years for her. A decade. Now, I find out she is sleeping with another man, one I don’t care too much for. I know I should give it up but I just cannot. She is intoxicating and I long to see her again.”



“Well, maybe she stills loves you. Distance can do things to a person. She has…physical desires.  You do not?”


“Of course I do…that’s why it hurts. I should have been her first time. I should be the one she wakes up next to. This is starting to seem like an impossible matrimony. I fear she will never want to be more than aquaintances with me because I cannot provide what he can.”


“And what’s that?”


“A home. A family. Children. I am stuck in my castle, and will be until this is fixed. And then-” His voice lowered. “I’ll be gone. It was unfair of me to ask her to wait for e when I couldn’t deliver.”


“I can help you for sure in this department.” She touched his arm lightly. “I do specialize in fertility. I assume you cannot give her a family because of council rules that forbid consummation with a mortal. Especially those in a land you’re forbidden from. But if she has a child, your child, maybe she will be more apt to return to the castle with you.”


“That’s manipulative.”


“Is it? She wants a child, and you want her. It will not work if she does not care for you. Because, I will not allow myself to be on the chopping block for someone who would rather remain on her own. What is her name? Oh, I need something of hers from your dimension. Anything will do.”


“Oh uh..here.” He reached for a necklace that hung around his neck. He wore it tucked into his robe, lest Mason or Zodiac see it. It was her silver locket. On the inside was a picture of her with her family when she was a child. Her sisters and fathers were smiling happily.


“Perfect! Give me a minute.” She held her hand above the locket and shut her eyes tightly. “Astra Gray. Long black hair, beautiful smile…a bit naive yes?” Audric could only nod. “A mild tempered beauty, just your type. Ok, let’s see. Oh…dear.”


“What?” Audric asked. “This was a mistake.”


“It’s not that,” She mumbled. “The girl is going to become pregnant. If she has ony been with one man, he is the father.”


Audric nearly fell from his chair. “You mean…? No, Dionysus can’t be the father of her child. That should be me.” He felt his world crashing down around him. “How could I let this happen? I should have been there for her.”


“I cannot remove the child, it is against my ethics-”


“She wouldn’t want that anyway, and I would not take that from her,” Audric said. He was suddenly second guessing himself. Why would she want a child with him when she could raise one with Dionysus? Maybe it was much better this way. He would have an eternity to heal if he managed to save the dimension.


“I can give her a child. Your child. It will only work if she truly cares. Is this what you want?”

“I want…her.” His voice was desperate. “I love her.”


“Then, it is already done. When she gives birth it will be to two children. If the council comes, let it be known that it was my interference that caused this. It is not like my dimension is any better off than yours. Allow mine to fall then, I could use the break anyhow.”




“One more thing, Audric.” She cut him off before he could protest. “Caleb Gray, is he in your dimension?”



“He shouldn’t be. I have heard Jeffrey and Zayne talking about him as he connects to this family, but I advised against that plan. It didn’t seem like it would do anything but sever the rifts even more.”


“Very well then, keep an eye out for that vampire. Because, Caleb Gray is no longer in my dimension and I do not believe another watcher took him. Anyone besides you would have used the proper documentation.”


“I didn’t have time at the moment,” Audric tried again. “But it seems…what would Altiere want with Caleb?”


“Maybe the same thing Jeffrey and Zayne wanted?” Quinn asked.


“No.” He stood up. “I must go before MAson finds out. This will not be good. He could react a number of ways.” In a hurry, Audric went to leave. “Thank you Quinn, you have been of much help.”


“She cares!” Quinn called after his fading body. “Otherwise the spell wouldn’t have worked! You can figure it out!”


“Thank you Quinn.” But he wasn’t sure that she heard him.



Note: Hey guys! It’s been awhile since I left a little note like this. Basically I have a poll running to choose themes that will show up next generation. I won’t be telling you much other than some of these themes will be showing up in some capacity next gen. Vote for your favorite 3. You can vote as many times as you’d like, and can choose multiple choices. The poll will close before the heir poll is posted but I will let you guys know when. Theres a blank box where you can fill out your own answer. if I think it fits, I’ll add it to the poll and people can vote for it. Thanks again!


7 thoughts on “5.50 Faltering Dimensions [And a Poll For Gen 6!]

  1. Quinn is so cavalier when it comes to her dimension falling. I like her attitude. This solidifies what I was imagining in my head for her. The council better not find out because I have an awesome idea how to fix things. I’m still not sure how I feel about Astra having Dio’s baby. Plus will she know one of the babies is Audric’s or wil she assume both are Dio’s? this could either work for Audric or backfire on him. I can see it going either way. Why would the vampires want Caleb? No my poor baby 🙁

    Liked by 1 person

    • Quinn doesn’t care, because why would she at this point? She’s just tired of it all. It’s boring being a dimension watcher. Good, I was afraid I’d like contradict your version or something. Sigh of relief on my part. She’ll know [Spoiler]The baby has Audric’s hair, there’s no faking that LOL That happened by chance too. Good question, why would the vampires want Caleb? 😉

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  2. Quinn is good for Audric, even if I find their decision to give Astra a second child to be really skeevy. Consent, people! Maybe you watchers don’t think about that too much, but come on… I wonder if she’ll be mad when she finds out? I know I would be livid xD
    I wonder how Dio will react too? Hmm… I can’t wait for more!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Consent is not on Audric’s mind, because tbh he thinks he can get away with anything when it comes to Astra. that she’ll just fall back into his arms or something like that. Dude has been sleeping for too long if that’s what he thinks…

      Liked by 1 person

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