1.16 The Chronicle of Sierra Gray

Dun Dun Dun.This may be my longest chapter yet. A big reveal in this chapter? Possibly. Enjoy, and let me know what you think! PS: I apologize for the mass amount of text under a single photo.

The two couldn’t even look at each other. The awkwardness had finally caught up to both of them.

“Levi…I know it’s been years, and this may not mean anything to you, but I really am sorry. I just want you to know that.”

“Its ok,” he said softly.

“No, it’s really not. Tell me what you’re thinking. We used to be best friends Levi. I want us to have that relationship again. Our fight, it was stupid.”

“Why him Athena? You never even gave me the chance to explain anything.” His eyes read hurt.

“Love makes you do stupid things.” She sighed.

“No kidding.” He shook his head but let out a small laugh.

“I never stopped thinking about you…as corny as that sounds. I always regretted making you leave. I even camped out by the time portal a couple of times, until my friends started getting suspicious. I couldn’t handle it anymore after that. I changed my wardrobe, I got a new job, a new house and I even took up a new hobby. I was trying to forget you, Levi. Trying to pretend like we were never friends, and it was a stupid situation to put myself into.”

Levi was quiet for a moment. Athena had no idea what he was thinking. “You probably want to know why may last name is Moon right?”

She had got so caught up in the moment she had almost forgotten. “Yes, tell me, please.”

“Well, in order to tell you my story, I have to tell your hers. Sierra Gray.”

-Enter Flashback Mode- [The story will be told from Sierra’s Point of View until the end of this Chapter]

Sierra Gray was on a mission given to her by the higher ups of Lunar Lakes. She was to travel back to Riverview and make sure nobody knew about Lunar Lakes. They would be their own world, away from civilization. The government favored a policy of isolation, and Sierra was just the sweet girl to go out and mingle with the people of Riverview and gather intel.

Everything was going great. She had talked to people but kept an emotional distance from them. The information she was receiving was all positive for Lunar Lakes. Nobody actually thought that people had made it on the planet at all. As far as the people of Riverview knew, the original settlers had died hundreds of years ago.

She was ready to go back to Lunar Lakes. That was until she met Bruce. Bruce was straightforward with his disbelief of Lunar Lakes but he wasn’t interested in telling tall tales. He had family who traveled to Lunar Lakes and he was angry with the government of Riverview for allowing so many people to walk to their death. His story was impassioned and Sierra couldn’t keep the emotional barrier up anymore. They had coincidentally bumped into each other around town after that.

  Until finally, Bruce told her how he felt. He took her to the place they met and he kissed her. Sierra wasn’t ready to leave Bruce yet. She was slowly falling in love with him. After their first kiss, she was positive that her life here with Bruce would be much more rewarding than appeasing the extremist government of Lunar Lakes.

Before she knew it, Sierra was pregnant with a boy. She named him Elliot. Elliot Gray. He had her pink hair and Bruce was shocked to say the least. He didn’t think her pink hair was natural, but he loved her even more for it. Their son was one of a kind.
Everything was wonderful. Until one day, the ground shook and there was a terrible earthquake. Nobody got hurt and everything seemed to be in tact. When Sierra went outside to investigate, she was shocked at what she found.
There was a portal to the future and next to it was a teenage boy with fiery red hair. He was holding a baby in his arms. 
“Excuse me, ma’am?”
The nurturing quality in Sierra led her to the lost soul. “What is a young boy like you doing out here, alone? Please come inside, you can’t stay out here all night.”
“I really can’t, there is something that I need to do. This is my brother Levi. Please, can you take care of him? I promise you, that I will be back for him once my quest is complete.”
The occurrence was strange to Sierra. She had so many questions but all the boy could tell her was that he was trying to restore his family and that was something that Sierra could sympathize with. Once he stepped through that portal, it would disappear from the world and he would be gone. He didn’t know when he would come back for his brother, but he would.
Sierra agreed to watch the young redhead. She thought it would be fun for Elliot to have someone around to play with. Even more though, she felt for this teenager and she wanted to help him in any way that she could. 
“What is your name?” She asked, as she held Levi.
“Mason Moon.” That was the last she spoke to him before he stepped into the portal. She would never live to see him again.

Bruce came outside to see what all the commotion was. Sierra had shown him the little boy that “was left on their doorstep.” She told him that she knew his family would come back to retrieve him once again. Until then, it was their duty to take care of the young boy. Bruce lovingly accepted Levi into his family.
Bruce had taken a liking to Levi pretty quickly. The two became inseparable. 
Which left more bonding time for Elliot and Sierra. 

 Sierra and Bruce treated Levi like he was their own son.

Elliot was a little jealous of the extra attention Levi was getting. But Bruce was always there to pick up the baby that Sierra wasn’t holding. He was a family man through and through.
Elliot and Levi became pretty close as toddlers once they were let out of their cribs.
One day, Sierra began to vomit. She knew right away from her first child that she was pregnant. She hoped that it would be a girl. 
At first she was a little nervous to tell Bruce. they weren’t exactly high on funds or room and bringing another baby into this world would cost them financially. 
Bruce was ecstatic to hear the news though. He was excited for the newest member of their family.
That night Sierra had gotten a phone call. She didn’t know how they were able to reach her but the council of Lunar Lakes had found out what she was doing. She had sworn she would never tell anyone about Lunar Lakes but they demanded she come back to the planet right away. She kept on a pokerface as not to alarm Bruce. Once he was asleep she snuck out and back to Lunar Lakes. She had left him a note saying she would always love him and the boys but there was something that she had to do and she would be back, she promised. 
-Back to Athena’s POV-
“And then she came back, met my father, had me and the accident happened right?”
“Athena, there was no accident. The government, they had your mother killed. She was a threat to them. She had knowledge of another world not her own. They didn’t want any outside force coming in and taking over. They wouldn’t hurt her as long as she was pregnant with you. Your father, the one that you knew, was just someone who was protecting your mother from the government. He loved her dearly, but she could never reciprocate the feelings. Her heart was still in Riverview. They had to kill both of them.”

“I stayed in Riverview with Bruce and Elliot until I was a teenager. Bruce had changed his last name to Gray to try to keep your mother’s memory alive. He never knew about Lunar Lakes but he had a feeling that she died. ] I had been contacted by Emit who told me the whole story, and trained me to be a time traveler like himself. He wanted me to find my brother who had been elusive since he handed me over to your mother. While jumping around time periods and worlds, I stopped aging, I’m guessing Mason did as well. Time Traveler rule is once you settle down somewhere, you begin the aging process again.”

“There is another thing you need to know. When Emit gave me the chance to meet you, I had no interest until I saw how closely you resembled your mother. I know it sounds crazy because I was so young, but your mother, I remember her. Even hearing stories about her, she didn’t have to take me in. I wanted to get to know you and try to illuminate my past a little more. I never knew what Mason was after, and it killed me that he handed me over to someone else to deal with. Emit gave me the chance to stay with you to relieve a threat to the future, the threat was a false alarm set up by Emit to get us together. That’s why it wasn’t a big deal when I came back. Mason, he dyed his hair, tried to become a new person. A few years after I returned to the future, a threat became real it was around the same time your son would have been born now that I think about it.”
Athena was shocked. She didn’t know what to think. Her mother was murdered. Her “step  father” was murdered. Her biological father was still out there. Riverview wasn’t just a made up town talked about in Legends. She had a brother named Eliot. Mason was much more of a mystery than she knew. She got in the middle of Levi and Mason even more. There were so many thoughts swirling through her mind. What was going on?

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  1. Hmm I coulda sworn I'd commented here already…. Apparently not! I really like this chapter, just re-read it as it makes it a little easier to see Mason in a positive way. Still don't think I'd vote that way but I love a good back story!


  2. Thank you for reading and commenting! 🙂 At first, I wasn't going to even put Levi in the story, but when I did, there was no way I could leave him out of the love triangle lol Mason has kind of a tragic past, but the real question is will Athena be able to look past all of the things that hes laid on the table? -Still don't want to spoil it for you! 🙂 –


  3. What a tragic back story for Athena's mom! At least Athena knows she has a brother and father she has never met. I feel so bad for Levi, he would have been a much better option than Mason.


  4. Ahh, governments. Always scheming and plotting and trying to control people. *sigh* LOL. Very interesting back story about Athena's mother. Mason's quest… I wonder if he's still on it, man that's one long quest if he still is. XD


  5. Lol. I know this sounds strange – especially since your main character has pink hair, but I did think Mason's hair looked weird. Why did he settle down? Why didn't he go back for Levi?


  6. Mason isn't the same guy that he was when he left Levi with Sierra. He was originally going to come back, until he realized his revenge and need for power was much more important to him. Thank you for reading!


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