1.30 Think About It

The twins had aged up, but they were still very heartbroken at the loss of their grandfather. They also missed Noah dearly.

Daisy had spent most of  her free time cooking. Athena did not mind at all. She loved the break she got when Daisy insisted she would cook dinner. The boys hated it. You never knew what you would get for dinner with Daisy. She was always experimenting. Watermelon with Spaghetti was not a hit with the family.

Kayden stuck with his painting. He was slowly getting better. You could actually tell what he was trying to paint now. Kayden had decided that he wanted to be an artist. He didn’t know how much job security that would get him, but he didn’t care and neither did his parents who assured him that they would help him out of any tough situation if it meant he was following his dreams.

Caleb had spent his time in solitude as always but this time with his guitar. He was getting better and better everyday. Things were still rough in school but it honestly didn’t bother him anymore. He was only a few days away from graduation and he’d be damned if he let anyone bring him down. He was positive that he wanted to become a pop star and go on tour. It wouldn’t be easy, but struggle was something he was used to and he was sure that this time he’d conquer it.

Ever since the twins grew up, Caleb and them had gotten closer. They had both just started high school, but they weren’t asking him for bedtime stories and that was the right of passage for him. When they weren’t improving their skills, they were hanging out. They didn’t forget about Noah though! They had video chatted with him every weekend when he was off from classes. He had been doing well and improving his logic skill. He was having a good time with some of the friends he’d made and was determined to graduate with all A’s.

 When the children were called into the room by their parents, they were a little flustered. WHat did they do this time?

 “Noah, are you there? I don’t know how this tablet thing works,” Levi sighed.

“And you’re the one from the future?” Athena joked.

“I’m not used to such primitive technology.”

“What are you guys talking about?” Noah’s voice broke from the device.

 “Hey Noah!” Daisy said cheerfully. “Dad, hand me the tablet. I want to see his face.”

“You guys are starting high school soon, right? Good luck!”

“Thanks!” Daisy grinned.

“Everyone, I’ve called you together for an important reason. Noah, I wish you were here physically to hear this, but I guess video chatting will have to do. Your father and I…”

“Are having another baby!?” Daisy gushed.

“No way. Absolutely not.” Levi shook his head.

Daisy deflated. “Aww man!”

“We have the family we want right here. You guys are getting older and are going to have families of your own soon. We want to make sure that the Gray legacy continues. It’s very important that you guys listen to everything I’m about to say. My mother died when I was a child. You guys didn’t have the pleasure of knowing her, but take my word for it, she was a wonderful human being. She worked tirelessly for the government of Lunar Lakes in finding new worlds. She ended up in Riverview, which was just a legend back then, now you guys know about other worlds. Thats where she met grandpa Bruce and had Elliot. She was pregnant with me but was forced to return to Lunar Lakes. She lived with me and my step father for awhile until both were executed by the corrupt government. They wanted the materials and information from Riverview but they wanted to keep the people of Lunar Lakes isolated and my mother had the information and power to let other people in on the secret.”

“Mom…is this all true?” Caleb frowned.

She nodded. “Yes, all of it. I met your father one day by accident. I had stumbled into a time portal and went to the future. He was tasked by the seasoned time traveler to come with me to Lunar Lakes to gather intel and save the future from being destroyed.”

Kayden began laughing. “You can’t be serious.” 

Daisy hit his arm. “Mom, ignore him. But you have to realize this sounds crazy to us. You said you’ve been to the future.”

“It’s true.” Levi spoke up. “I’m from the future.”

Caleb didn’t seem convinced. “Then why are you here?”

“Because he loves mom!” Noah spoke up as if it was obvious. “He stayed in the past because he loves mom.”

Athena sighed. “At least one of our children believes us.”

Well….not exactly,” Noah said. “It sounds pretty bogus. I was just giving a reason why it would make sense if by some convoluted twist of fate it was true.”

Athena thought for a moment. It did sound ridiculous but it was the truth. “Let me rephrase this. The government of Lunar Lakes is corrupt. They’re pretty much creating a terrible society. Caleb, you can attest to this right? You’ve come in contact with some pretty mean individuals.” Caleb nodded.

“Well, its up to you guys to help make Lunar Lakes a better place. When you’re old enough you should pass the task onto your children and the cycle should continue. The future, whether we’ve been to it or not, is in some serious danger. We can’t keep living like we are now. you guys have to make the change, one generation at a time and the future for your kids and your kids’ kids and their kids’ after that will be a better place. You need to rebuild Lunar Lakes.” Levi finished.

The room grew silent.  “One of you children have to promise me that you’ll take this mission of saving the future into your hands. Lunar Lakes is going to be destroyed in ten generations if nothing happens. We’re counting on you guys. You don’t have to make a decision now, but please, talk it over with each other and decide who is willing to give their everything to preserving the Gray family name. All four of you children are going to do great things, I know it. Your father and I couldn’t be more proud of the incredible people you’ve grown into,” Athena said.

“All four of you are going to contribute wonderful things to our family name.” Levi clarified. “But only one of you can be the leader and keep things in place and make sure that everyone is on the right path. We are a family and we will look out for eachother no matter what.” 

The children still looked bewildered. Whether or not they believed that their mother went to the future, they all agreed that the future was in their hands. No matter what happened the four of them would stick together. They owed it to their grandparents and their parents to keep the Gray name going strong. Athena was sure that no matter who stepped up to the plate, any of them would make a fantastic heir to the Gray legacy.

4 thoughts on “1.30 Think About It

  1. Glad Caleb is finding his feet but that's a heavy burden to shoulder. I'm glad the kids laughed at the future thing, I always find it ridiculous in movies when the character says 'I'm from the future' and no one laughs, it just is a ridiculous phrase even when it's true! Gonna vote now!


  2. Yay Caleb's healing. LOL I think it's crazy to imagine that what we consider technological advances seem primitive to someone from 3013. O_O
    I'm still wondering really what is going to happen to Lunar Lakes, like if will just disappear from existence or… if Mason is going to break it apart somehow, and how even the kids would go about saving it.


  3. The idea is that Lunar Lakes is going to be blown up somehow in the future, probably because of Mason. The children essentially just have to keep the generations going until the tenth generation when Lunar Lakes is supposed to blow up, and hopefully instill their children with courage (who will then instill theirs and so on) to stop the threat.


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