Drabble: Candy [TashaxRhett]


Candy featuring Rhett Nix by @abstractwithturkey. [Tasha is the daughter of Daisy Gray and Cyrus Flint]


Rhett watched the girl with amazement. Every single day she came into the place, wearing that ridiculous get up. She hardly ever made any money in tips. So why did she keep doing it? “Tasha, want a drink?” He called from behind the counter.


She nodded. “A cappuccino would be nice. Thanks.”


He rushed to make the drink, feeling his hands shake. When he was around Tasha Flint, he felt like his stomach would implode. She was fascinating when she posed, and interacted with people. Candy girl, people called her, an entertainer. She mostly got older men approaching her, which made him seethe with well hidden anger. She had old creeps drooling over her body, for a few bucks. She deserved more than that. Rhett walked over to her and handed her the cappuccino. “Here you are.”


“Thank you!” She fumbled for her purse, looking for some money to pay the man.


He held his arm out to stop her. “It’s on the house.”


She frowned. “Are you sure?”


“It’s a time of giving,” he told her with his vibrant smile. To see her reciprocate made every thing he did worth it. He hoped that she’d come back even when the holiday season was over.


“You have no idea how much this means to me!” She cried. “I’ll make this up to you.”


“Don’t worry about it, it’s just some coffee. Unless…you let me take you out for another one? Coffee tastes better when I don’t have to make it.”


Tasha laughed, but held her phone out for him to input his number. This was going to be an interesting holiday season.

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