1.31 Catching Up

This was the Gray family as it stood in Lunar Lakes. As much as Levi hated it, life had not stopped because of his son’s absence. He was particularly dismayed because despite his intense love for Caleb, Noah was his blood. He had taken the parting especially difficult (even though he didn’t show it) for this very reason but the world around him kept spinning.

Daisy had begun to bring home cookbooks from the library and couldn’t stop reading them. She was constantly trying to perfect her craft. When her head was in a book, she was completely oblivious to the world. A burglary could be happening behind her and it wouldn’t phase her.

She had been the only one to catch up with Noah on a weekly basis. When he wasn’t busy studying, she urged him to call her and tell her how things were going. In turn, he encouraged Daisy to take her school work more seriously if she wanted to be taken seriously in the culinary world. Though not directly related, it wouldn’t hurt to have a sparkling report card.
The distance had seemed to make the two grow stronger. She had taken his words to heart and aimed to get an A in school. 
Despite the closeness, Levi noticed a certain nonchalance about his children and wife that he just couldn’t grasp. Daisy and Caleb were constantly playing video games despite it being Kayden’s holiday gift. He didn’t mind because he couldn’t keep his hand off the paint brush. Athena watched the children play, trying to understand the new technology.
“I don’t get it. Your father is an athlete he can take you down to the stadium and teach you how to play football in person,” Athena commented.
“You can’t control a whole team though,” Caleb said, eyes never leaving the screen.
“Yeah and who has time for all of that? This is just a game, we aren’t really interested in learning how to play football. Gaming is an escape from our everyday lives. Here, take my controller and try it,” Daisy said.
Athena took it as an opportunity to bond with her children. Well, she really just wanted to know what their obsession was all about. 
One day, Kayden called and asked if Corrine Blantan could come home with him after school. She was a few years older than him, so Kayden was shocked that she approached him in the halls. Kayden of course knew about her relationship with Noah and her promise. As far as he knew, she had kept her word. Then again, she had kept her distance between the freshman twins and the senior Caleb. 
“Thank you for letting me come over. I know it seems kind of strange right? I just had to tell you and your family something and it’s really important.” 
She had stayed over for dinner that night and expressed her predicament. She pleaded with the Gray family not to inform Noah of any of this because it would just distract him from his studies at prep school and she didn’t want to do that to him.
The Gray family had a lot on their plate with Corrine’s news. Caleb wasn’t so sure about not telling Noah, because he new he’d be really upset about all of it when he came back. It took everything in Daisy’s power not to cave on their weekly phone conversations. She’d always hang up early and tell him that she had to study. Noah was too busy at school to think anything of it. Caleb had finally become a young adult and tomorrow was his graduation. Caleb was positive that he didn’t want to go to university after he graduated. He would just go out into the world and see how he could get his name out there. Being a singer was his goal and Levi decided that as a graduation gift, because of all the tuition money he was going to be saving, he’d buy Caleb a new wardrobe. Caleb opted for a fresh new “rockstar-ish” look. He was ready to concentrate on his career.
“We’re gonna be late!” Caleb called out checking his phone.
“You go with your dad and Kayden. Daisy and I will meet you there. You know she isn’t going to leave the house if her curls aren’t perfect!” Athena answered back. 
“Don’t worry. I promise we will be there on time!”
When Caleb arrived at town hall, he refused to enter the building without confirmation that his mother and sister were there.
“You have to go inside,” Levi urged. he had no idea what Athena was thinking and frankly he was mad about all of it. Their first child was graduating, what was she thinking? Daisy’s hair was NOT more important than their son’s graduation.
“Caleb…why aren’t you inside the building?” Athena was out of breath. They had rushed over. “You will be graduating in five minutes!”
“He wasn’t going in without you guys. How dare you do this to your son Athena! What has gotten into you?” Levi frowned. 
“I’m sorry…but I couldn’t just tell you all about this.” She pointed to the car behind her and two beautiful teenagers stepped out, arm and arm. 
“I made it!” Noah grinned. “You didn’t think I’d miss your graduation did you?”
“Yupp and it’s all thanks to me!” Daisy smiled.
“Ok…we don’t have time for reunions…in you go Caleb. We can catch up after you have your diploma.” Levi said.
“I know. I know!” Caleb said, rushing into the building. He couldn’t wipe the huge grin off of his face. 
After the ceremony, while everyone crowded around Noah, Athena had waltzed over to Caleb. 
“Whats this?” Caleb asked.
“A gift for you. You don’t have to use it until you’re ready, in fact you don’t have to use it if you don’t feel comfortable…but its there if you want it.”
He opened the box to reveal a set of keys. “What is this for?”
“I know how much you want to pursue your singing career. Living with your parents and siblings may cramp your style. I had to fight with your father for this one, but finally he gave in and here are the keys to an apartment. It’s nearby and I don’t want you to feel like you’re being kicked out of the house because you’re not. We love you so much and are so proud of you.”
Caleb was astonished. “I love you so much, mom. I really appreciate all of this but I’m not ready to leave.”
A huge grin appeared on Athena’s face. “I was hoping you’d say that.”
Hey everyone! It’s been almost a week right? The votes are in! I know that I made it seem like Caleb was the next heir but he actually came in second place. I couldn’t leave his story unfinished though after all he’s been through. I was thinking about doing a dramatic reveal but I think that the heir is obvious now. If it isn’t Caleb it’s Noah! Yay! I was excited to work with either Caleb or Noah because I had stories planned out for each. The twins I was at a loss for, so thankfully the fan favorite Noah won the heir vote! I don’t know if I’m going to jump straight into GEN TWO or add one more chapter here. We’ll see.

4 thoughts on “1.31 Catching Up

  1. I'm glad you finished Caleb's story through graduation. Although I would have loved to see how he managed to become a rock star. He was my favorite, followed closely by Noah. So I'll be eagerly following Noah's story too!


  2. OMG Caleb grew up hot. LOL, I love his new wardrobe. I missed your heir vote, but I would have continued to read anyway, no matter who won. Yay, glad Noah could come back to see Caleb graduate. Wow his own apartment! That's so nice. 🙂


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