Astra x Thad [In Front of a Warm Fire]


“Closer…” The photogrpaher was really starting to get on Astra’s nerves.


“This doesn’t feel natural to me,” She whispered to Thad. “Thats why it looks unnatural.” She could only truly talk to Thad comfortably in this modeling company. The flashing lights and constant chatter made her nervous, but apparently she had a look and it made money.


He nodded, fully understanding. “Can we try something else?” He asked the photographer. “Trust me on this one. I think it’ll look great.” He grunted, but let Thad take charge, because he knew that the model was the only one who could get through to Astra. He laid down on the floor. “See this rug?” He whispered to her.


“Mhmm.” She looked down at him, wondering just what he was doing.


“Funny story about this rug. There was one just like it when I was on the bachelorette show…” He began to tell the story. The photographer was disgruntled and about to stop Thad when the agent stopped him.


“Just watch,” She said quietly. “Thad is like magic when he’s with this girl.”


Astra listened intently to Thad’s story. She hadn’t realized that she was so close to Thad. “Now, love. Move a little bit closer, and hold my hand.”


Astra’s breath caught in her throat. Did he just say love!? But his warm smiled helped ease her fears and she did as she was told. She stretched her legs out to be a bit more comfortable. Thad held her hand tightly, and gazed into her brown eyes. She could get lost in his…


She was brought back to reality by tthe flashing of a camera. “Magnificent! This is truly magnificent!”

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